100 goals

100 goals

1 shoot and develop a roll of film

2 make really good gluten free scones

3 participate in the Gloucester Easter day cheese chase

4 bake a great loaf of gluten free bread using at least three flours

5 walk everywhere for two weeks

6 make my own jam

7 visit England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales within 48 hours

8 make a chutney

9 grow my own vegetables

10 have a herb garden

11 practice a real Sabbath every week for at least two months

12 eat vegetarian for two months

13 go vegan for a week

14 make a meal completely from foraged/caught/harvested foods

15 live off £1 a day for a week

16 read the bible cover to cover

17 read only the bible for a month

18 stop eating chocolate for a month

19 learn to cook Indian properly

20 dance every dance at a ceilidh

21 cook every recipe in a recipe book

22 visit every US state

23 read 10 books in a month

24 memorise an old testament book

25 memorise a new testament book

26 learn to ski

27 visit all the Scottish islands

28 visit berlin

29 go to niagra falls

30 eat a doughnut (gluten free!)

31 pay off all my debt

32 take a picture a day for a year

33 decorate a room of my own

34 write every day for a month

35 write some performance poetry

36 perform it

37 complete a game of phase ten with a score of less than 20

38 learn to change a car tire

39 teach someone how to drive stick shift

40 make an epic roadtrip mix tape for someone

41 go on a roadtrip around Scotland

42 eat buffalo wings in Buffalo NY

43 go without using any computer for a month

44 write at least one letter a week for a year

45 read 15 books in one month

46 learn to play bridge well (and remember the rules)

47 learn to build a fire well

48 spend a day talking less and listening more

49 write down the full story of the west east roadtrip

50 ride an atv

51 learn a foreign language- for at least passable conversation

52 learn a new word every day for a month

53 keep chickens

54 travel/stay 24 hours in a big bus motor home

55 see the sun rise and set in different parts of the country- on the same day

56 stay in a 5* hotel

57 cook a meal for strangers

58 get a tattoo

59 build a bike from scratch

60 learn how to repair and upkeep a bike

61 learn basic car repair skills

62 go to 3 movies back to back

63 visit the 10 most populated US cities (NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose)

64 fall in love

65 kiss someone outside in the snow

66 attend a class I’m not signed up for

67 read ‘to heal a fractured world’ by Jonathan Sacks

68 be happy with my body

69 win money in Vegas

70 give away everything in my pockets one day

71 drive over 100mph

72 give a tip equal to the amount of the meal

73 eat the perfect sandwich

74 have a meal last at least two hours due to great company

75 give away more money than I am comfortable with

76 build a boat from scratch

77 have kids

78 go a day without looking at a clock

79 go at least two weeks without looking at my reflection

80 be known for making a specific recipe

81 join the mile high club

82 perfect a home-made ice cream recipe

83 surprise someone with breakfast in bed

84 watch fireworks from the roof of a car

85 don’t speak for a day

86 learn to play chess

87 use only crayons for a week

88 use no coloured pens/pencils for a week

89 sell some artwork

90 own a home (of some description)

91 paint a mural

92 learn to live well within a small budget

93 don’t be overdrawn for a year – at least!

94 pay off my student loans

95 own a pair of TOMS

96 give away at least ten things that people ask for

97 give up my mobile (cell) phone for 3 months

98 go on a blind date

99 wear a dress every day for a month

100 make an outfit from scratch


(there’s a new blog for it too.)

  1. Lizzie says:

    love that we share so many ;)
    And I think you’ll be diong lots of traveling, cooking, and reading in the future – all good things!

  2. Niall says:

    I can help with 38, but not so sure about 58! Brilliant list, hope you get to fulfil most of them at some point!

  3. charlotteaurora says:

    I just realized this was a new page on the blog when I was trying to find it again. love the list! I am editing mine now

  4. inthegraspofwonder says:

    love love love! i’d like to be part of the 2 hour meal! x

  5. Laura Anderson says:

    mile high club! saucy sooz – love it!

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