Posted: August 23, 2003 in everything else

[ Sat Aug 23, 01:43:55 PM | Suzi Sherriffs |

the wonderful power of the internet!

i think this should be started like a story but i don’t haave enough to say except hey suz this website is cool. and am i right in thinking that this is your personal web page?! i am taking up your valuable space here but hey i’m sure you don’t mind. i am pleased with your progress and hope things work out the way you want them to, if you know what i mean. i guess you are just taking baby steps. i am very tempted to make you guess which friend of yours i am but that feels cruel. you ave the choice;

A) am i Jen?

B) am i Roz?

C) am i gill?

d) a scary old man, with a mystical beard and long black hair?

i’m sure you’ve guessed but i’ll wait for you to email me with the answer, tee hee! now that won’t have given it away will it?! i will now go and manitcally laugh to myself……………..


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