Posted: September 14, 2003 in everything else

ahhr this be the first time in an eon that one has bloggified.

yes, im very bored,. the bus doesnt come for an hour and for some (bizzare and possibly alien-orientated) reason, i am up and ready to go. ARGH! why am i not emailing? i hear the tiny procupines who live in your brains ask….well….I ALREADY DAMMN WELL HAVE!!!!!!!! and ive played with broadband til its so interesting i may die of boredom, caused by lack of brain stimulation, caused by BROADBAND NOT AS INTERESTING AS I HOPED!!!! ok enough, gillian *slaps self for eighth time in a row*…… it worrying that i am slapping myself and not feeling pain? oh no, soon i will be slapping myself and it will be nice!!! stop me before i go too far on the road to cleadom………*wha-tshhhh* (that was a whip sound) ARGH ITS GONE TOO FAR!!!!! if i migrate towards anne summers today, you will know i am lost forever and next time you come to my house my bed willbe replaced by a brick wall and some chains. and possibly mannicles.

please inform my boyfriend . *sniff*. im sure he’d try and accept bondage-gill, but it just wouldnt be the same *sobs uncontrollaby*


maybe inm not bondage at all, and the only reason the slappingness didnt hurt is cos i didnt do it hard enough……hmmm


yep, i was right *bleeds from various facial orifices* off to get an ice pack….

yay! no more bondage nightmares for me!!

ok as i have probably managed to terrfy you all, i’ll away and chop up some trousers (to be everm more piratey)

ahhhhhhhhhhhh pirates……….


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