oh I do like to be beside the sea

Posted: March 1, 2004 in everything else

I’m not entirely sure why I’m yet again posting to the great unknown. No one reads these anyway. ho hum. I’m so happy, I got great fantastic fantabulous results in drama! I just need to sort out my acting piece now. Fantastic. I have to be fifty. And then I have to be Medea. oh fantastic!!!!! Anyhow. Yes well, ‘Judy was a teenage rebel. She did it with a boy when she was young, she gave herself to books and learning, she gave herself to be a nun’….. ‘make a new cult every day’. I think you should read touching from a distance. Its the life story of Ian Curtis, as told by his wife and best friends! It is really good, so far. It has a complete gig list at the end, and Joy Division played at Dundee in the Caird hall. It also has all the lyrics, published and unseen. It is an excellent book, but he is so not how you expect him to be, which just shows you that we all have misconceptions of people, we see them, or hear of them and we label them ‘punk’ ‘Goth’ ‘weirdo’ ‘freak’ ‘geek’ before we even see them, or know them. Its so sad really. No one can be themselves, truly themselves without the fear of being labeled and ostracized. Even if you do follow your instincts and be unique then someone is going to copy you. It’s now cool to be different. But not many people really ever are, and those that like to think of themselves as different, cutting edge, cool, really are not, 9 times out of 10, they just fool themselves. There’s this girl in my school who wrote the school magazine, the ‘pupil’ magazine, (my friend had the idea first, and it was meant to be underground, not school published. They had a dress sally page with all this ‘alternative’ clothing on it, and in maths once, me and gill made sally into dominatrix Greta. It was fun. oh, but my point) which was meant to be cool and alternative, but she just rambled about random (bad) American artists, ones that are not well known, because she thought that would make her cool and cultured. She also called everyone who uses straighteners a sheep, even though she does too. Hypocrite. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’m very hypocritical too sometimes, but it was just so blatant, and argh. I just don’t like her, or people like her. Anyway. ok I’m going to go, because I think I have homework. ie lines to learn!


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