Posted: March 10, 2004 in everything else

hello. I’m currently copying more and more CD’s onto my computer. Its a very useful exercise. But I guess it would be more so if I had a laptop. Sadly I am confined to the family PC. och well. I’m listening to Belle & Sebastian. The newest album. Its so good. I’m sorry if he hit you with a full can of coke. Its no joke. Your face is bleeding you’ll soon be leaving town to the clowns who worship no one but themselves. If you’re not Emily, who already knows this, then you might be interested to know that the band took their name from a French comic about a boy and his dog. If I could do just one near perfect thing id be happy, they’d write in on my grave or when they scatter my ashes, on second thoughts id rather hang around and be there with my best friend if she wants me. argh I have an English essay to redraft (ie rewrite as the first draft was crap and I have to rewrite the main part of it….!) and I just cannot be bothered. I really really like this album its not the usual kind of thing I like but I really really like it. I usually listen to punk and rock and heavier stuff, but this is really really melodic and soaring and depressing sometimes, but happy too and its just great. I can’t think of the words to describe music sometimes. I just love it. Piazza new York catcher are you straight or are you gay. … Tenderly you tell about the saddest book you ever read, it always makes you cry. ooh, one amazing book I read was Rebecca. It is a fantastic book. I’ve never seen the film but I really really want to. I love that book. I’m being all over-enthusiastic about everything today but never mind. Oh and I failed my personal study in English and I’m getting kinda nervous about drama. Its so soon til the exam. Anyway. I must toddle off now.


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