a fire i can warm my hands, my joy will be complete.

Posted: March 21, 2004 in everything else

well, happy mothers day! and happy birthday to my mum!

it must be great to have one day of the year when everyone buys you a gift or a noice card and is nice to you, and that day isn’t your birthday. but then again being your birthday too would mean that everyone was twice as nice! well, hopefully!

I got a free book in the post the other day. it was a thankyou for running a group in school, one that i and hamish run. anyway, we both recieved books entitled “Teenagers; why do they do that?”. i though that was pretty hilarious, i mean i guess i should know better than some old guy why i do what i do. but apparently not. it’s quite an interesting read, the author talks alot about like determinism and naturalism and stuff, which generally, unless the reader had done some philosophy or religious analysis, or something, they really wouldn’t get very easily. thankfully, higher rmps has prepared me a bit for it. i understood most of what he talked about. which was quite impressive for me…….!

Anyway. im on a hook. smell that cook, uhhuh. im your dream digger.

My dad has been out sailing in his new boat. i guess he had lots of fun.

Oh. oh. oh. my study window is so cool, you can sit at the desk and watch everyone going past. you can see everyone. its on the main road so you can just sit and watch cars all day. its great.

um. i’m bored now. oh well.


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