Die die my darling

Posted: May 24, 2004 in everything else


its an invasion of the chemistry freaks……………. which you will gather means i have done nooooooo revision. not even for drama. oh cack……….. i really really should go do something, but talking about doing it here is so much more fun than actually doing it……

but hey, its over a week til my exams anyway…… no worries….!!

other peoples blogs are so much better than mine. not that im getting blog envy or anything….

i have become addicted to 60minute makeover. its on at 1 every week day on channel 3. its good. very distracting from work……

i have to train my replacement at work.

i think i said that already.

or was it somewhere else?

hmmm. ok i am going to gooo away and doo some revision. even if that just means watching the crucible and taking notes on direction….




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