questions in standard grade physics

Posted: May 26, 2004 in everything else

my sister is doing s grade physics and has my books from when i did s grade physics (last year. worst class ever) on the desk. they are distracting me from doing more useful things. like blogging… or…. revising, i guess.

when will you realise that it doesn’t pay to be smarter than teachers, smarter than most boys? shut your mouth, start kicking the football, bang on the teeth you’re off for a week. antony it could be worse, antony it could be worse. they call you lord antony but hey it could be worse, it kinda suits you anyway. (Belle and Sebastion, “lord antony”, if you’re feeling sinister)


frogs are interesting creatures.

……………………………..i wish i was a jellyfish. my friend has a “song” about wishing she was a jellyfish. i don’t remember most of it. its only like two lines, but becomes incredibly annoying….

only 45 minutes till ER. i should be doing chemistry. jeez i’m sad aren’t i??

“…. and thats why i think there should be a nobel prize for wrestling.”

only one more year of high school. then out to the big bad world. i’m not sure i’m ready. then again, i’m not sure it’s ready.


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