teenage heartbreak of a 17yr old (well, nearly) miscreant.

Posted: June 9, 2004 in everything else

oh how sad are unrequited crushes at this age?

you’re heart breaks over some randome ‘dude’ that is probably not nearly good enough for you, but still, the fact that they never glance your way (they have no idea you exist of course)kills you every time you remember.

then again, falling in lust with someoone you know is even worse. especiall when you basically admit and they go and tell everyonre that they fancy some other girl that you know well, and even though you wish the best it still hurts. he even seemed to flirt with you before he found out. its the worst thing with being a teenager. you still have to be their friend. cos you don’t want to lose his friendship as well as the possibilty of a requited crush.

then you get all the goss from her. you’re hapy they’re happy, but inside you just want to cry.

teenage years suck sometimes.

  1. Sooz? says:

    just so anyone who cares knows, I’m over that guy and I have moved on. even in a hypothetical world.. ooh, but my friends are trying to set my other friend up with some bloke we barey know. which is a little disturbing.

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