Posted: June 11, 2004 in everything else

hmm, well, germans scare me!

andf yet, i am going to their country! I’m sure it will all be fantastic, but its kinda scary to have to be going with ross (the molester) (seriously, he CANNOT be gay, its just an excuse so he can slap girls butts and say “its ok, im gay!” argh!) and all these (new) fifth years and some sixth that i don’t realy know/particularly get on with… ARGH!! It’ll be fine… It’ll be good. argh,

OOOHhhh but i get to go to Ohio in october…. hurray!

  1. P K RANDOLPH says:

    My dear girl, Germanic tribes ave inhabited the world since time immorial.They may seem vulgar, with their sausage obsessions and rather dubious taste in music, but on the whole they are rather nice fine upstanding people who really do regret the conduct of their forefathers in the war. I however can’t stand the blighters!

    I would say to you, as I mentioned to the previous chappie, Mr Messiah, that I am available most evenings at on one of those new messenger things. Oh and by the way your not supposed to gat on with the fifths and sixths, just jolly well poke fun at them!

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