KA-BLOEY!! pt 1

Posted: June 24, 2004 in everything else

Running was his only plan, running, running, RUNNING!

Ever since his days in the national worldwide arm wrestling school for boarders had ended. The school hadn’t been his favourite place recently. He didn’t much care for its city either – Connecticut always smelled a bit.

His legs were taking over from his arms now, thank God for those steroids- although those had ultimately been the cause of his downfall and expulsion from the aforementioned school. The train was surprisingly cheap. For a stowaway…

Stowing away was rather uncomfy, but it had got him to his final destination – “Ferret Island”, so named for the ferrets that ran rampant, terrifying the rabbits which feared for their tiny little, but very sexually active lives.

As the young boy ran, he remembered his Arm-Wrestling nickname: Duncan McPennis. Not as flashy as Hulk Hogan, but it worked. As he daydreamed, he failed to notice the plane that was hurtling along the skyline, heading straight towards the randy ferret settlement.


The plane landed with an almighty BANG! The ferrets scarpered, the surly ones died and left the incredibly randy rabbit population to its copulation.

A dazed and bewildered Rock Star, as yet unnamed, and his friendly cat wandered out from amidst the wreckage. The radiated wreckage. After walking approximately four steps from the trees, the unlucky Rocker promptly collapsed. The crash proved, sadly, to be fatal.

But the cat however…

The cat gave a slightly sardonic sigh to no one in particular, and muttered to itself,

“Oh, what a lovely day for a plane crash”, before stretching out and beginning to lick its paws.

“WHAT THE HELL???” Duncan yelled, upon hearing the crash.

The poor Rock Star was glowing an interesting shade of neon green…

to be continued….

to finish reading the story, go to http://madmanmemoirs.blogspot.com

this was a creative work by the joint forces of Suzi, Gordon and Alex. thanks to Creative Writing classes!!

  1. Nodders says:

    Utter Genius I have to say! I am hooked already. Wow! You should get the Pullitzker Prize – no, really! Anyhow, I noticed there wasn’t an address at the end there…well, I’ll be publishing the concluding episode on my site on Friday. Visit http://madmanmemoirs.blogspot.com to witness the nail biting conclusion. Bravo Siouxsie!

  2. Anonymous says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEY SOUIXIE!!!!!! Muahahhaha Creative writing rocks no? Lol Well I shall now go to M T’s site to read the rest of the story i HELPED write lol

    Love Alexxxx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ok i’ve got a new phrase which i’ve been using for things which are quite frankly marvellous.
    I used it a lot for the England vs Portugal game.

    And i’m using it now.

    “F***IN RAAAAAA!”

    It means “AMAZING!”…i don’t know how i came up with it though……

    But anyway, it’s hysterical……
    Am away to read second half now!! ^_^

    Louweezyweezyweezyweezy xxxx

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