Memoirs of a madman

Posted: June 24, 2004 in everything else

Memoirs of a madman

this is my friends site….. here will be the remainder of our story…

hmm, well, i was going to think of something really deep and thought provoking to say, but now i really just cant. im sorry. oooh and if Mike gets his arse in gear, we might have another posty person on my blogger, but then, we might not.

my father is in hospital right now, he has another slipped disk (they think) it happened 9 years ago and now it has recurred. i made my mum spend £120 on a tesco shop yesterday. not entirely sure what on… also i think i owe my parents money…. that often happens. hummm.

anyway. i can’t really think of anything to say. really don’t know who (if anyone) reads this. at all. if ever. hrrrum.

  1. Nodders says:

    I read it. Its amazing. Its like being both existential poetry AND pulp fiction of the highest order. WOW!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i dont read this.



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