whatever i do is never enough

Posted: June 25, 2004 in everything else

oh, don’t you just love the cure? one more time to do it up, one more time to kill. the only thing i have ever killed (except for bugs and stuff) is a fish this one time while i was on holiday, it was great fun, apart from the whole murdering of the fish. oh well. how you move and burst from clouds it makes me want to try. when i see you sticky as lips, licky as chips. i missed (again) Sports day. i don’t think i’ve been in a couple of years… oh well. we went to Ros’ house which was fun. it was just me, ros and jen, then frase, tara, alex, lou and sarah came to join in the fun. fun, fun, gun. word association games are fun! oooh, i got a drum for my birthday, thanks to fraser (thanks!!) who brought it back from Amsterdam for me! its so col, its made from bamboo and half a coconut and goats skin…..

i got a letter from the school for my parents the other morning inviting them to the awards ceremony, cos i won the RMPS and Drama awards. well, merit certificates!! I’m quite impressed with myself. also i have Hardy to read by monday. not the entire book obviously, but the first chapter, i might read more, you never know… oooh, must go make Brownies, mum and dad have a team meeting tomorrow and i said i would make some. will make more for my party on sunday tomorrow. argh need to tidy my room. someti,mes its a real bugger having friends, some of them just don’t do you any good. good friends are excellent, but then you get some that sap your energy and don’t do you any good. in general my friends are excellent. in general.

i don’t believe its for real so kiss me quick

and i must go. goodbye.

  1. Nodders says:

    Does anyone go to sports day? I’m as sure as manure I don’t. How big is Ros’ room – thats a lot of people. Which reminds me, How many Irishmen does it take to change a lightbulb? 65 – 1 to hold the bulb, 64 to rotate the room. Many chuckles. I have a lot of irish friends, there not that dim…

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