Posted: June 26, 2004 in everything else

argh. It’s miserable weather outside, and I have the cold. But.. not just any cold, a GERMAN cold. Therefore, I need German drugs to combat this cold. (the germans have lots of much stronger drugs) but i am having to make do with echinacea (yike) and vitamin c effervesnt tablets, beechams flu plus (which btw are crap, just go for paracetamol for the pain (if any) and like a sinutab or possibly sudafed for any congestion and sinus pressure. all the flu plus caps have is paracetamol, a bit of caffeine (to ensure they are non drowsy and to perk you up) and a fairly mild decongestant.) Anyway, I did try some german medicine, they had this tablet that was meant to dissolve under your tongue to relieve a sore throat (which is how this whole fiasco started… well, it was really Ross snottering in my hair and giving me his german cold that started it, but whos going to quibble?) but, it didn’t dissolve, i had to swallow the damn pill, and it didn’t even blimmin work!!! so now, i am using tissues like they are going out of fashion, and just generally not having a working voice… argh!

oh and yesterday Alex both threatened and then followed through on her threat by emailing my english teacher a link to this stupid story i wrote that i started in like fourth year and just eventually finished. its all a load of rubbish, yet alex just thought she would go tell him that. fab, thanks alex. if you want to read the unfortunate story its on here: http://www.fictionpress.com/~suzibean along with some other (slightly- but only just) less embarrassing crap.

argh. ok, off to do more baking for my birthday party tomorrow. I’ll be 17 on wednesday!!!!!! wooooo! go driving!

  1. Nodders says:

    We should send our English teacher a link to Ka-Bloey! After all, it is pulp fiction of the highest order! Come on, whadda ya say? Huh? Huh? Also, Alex doesn’t get enough credit for these creative pushes. Cheers Alex for discovering my natural talent of PENDULUM BOY!

  2. Anonymous says:

    uh huh, well, we will think about sending out KA-BLOEY, after all, do i really want our English teacher reading all the other crap that comes out of my keyboard whilst by-passing my brain???
    something to think about there…

  3. Nodders says:

    Hmm, a valid point? He’d probably send those nice people in the white clothes to take you for a walk. Don’t go on the walk Siou! DON’T GO! Me on the other hand, I’d probably win the nobel prize for Psychology…

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