ooooh cack…

Posted: June 28, 2004 in everything else

Was just attempting to build the polystyrene plane that Emily bought me as part of my birthday present, and I broke the nose…. It’s actually alot harder to build than it looks. Emily, I’m really sorry I broke the plane. It was lovely. And the CD is pretty cool, even the obscene song (called Mozzarella Swastikas, by Adam Green) is not too bad. Oh, I’m copying the Smashing Pumpkins onto my computer, They are really good. And, the new Cure album is out, also, A Perfect Circle’s albums (The Thirteenth Step and Mer De Noms are on sale in Virgin… so I might have to go buy…. yayayaya!!) One song on “call it what you want This Is Antifolk” has this lyric, “I don’t have anything in common with todays radio, I don’t have anything in common with todays radio. Its just a bunch of dance routines dressed up in designer clothes… mr Dj man is on an ice cream stand, pushing cool candies goods to the media, kids… oh, give me a band, rock and roll jam, underground, radio” its by Derek Richmond (song is called Honeycream Robots). Such a good song.

Ho hum. I was thinking about this (don’t ask me why, am I likely to have a rational answer to anything?) and all my Blogs are like “stream of consciousness” ones, whereas my esteemed friend, Mr.T the Messiahs are more ordered, they generally have a theme and talks about the theme. I can never get my head into gear about “themes” for more than about two sentences before i lose focus and go off on a complete tangent. Hopeless really. Anyway, I’m off to the theatre tonight, to see “Vincent in Brixton” AND (the icing on th cake this..) we get our seats for FREE!!! And we get to talk to the director beforehand as well, so, cool!!!!!

Anyway, i actually need to go get a bus if I am to go to the theatre tonight (ooh, and my Tea!!)

  1. Nodders says:

    Aw, don’t worry about your randomness, it makes each post seem more like the scary workings of your mind. Very poetic. I was going to go to vincent in Brixton, but I’ve got a job interview at the school…I just read your newly updated profile about your life. Dude, you floored me with “there is one in our midst whose name oft changes”. Don’t ask me why, it was just hilarious!

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