Posted: July 2, 2004 in everything else

Hmm, well, that was my first driving lesson. Thank the heavens its over!! I don’t think I did too badly, the car is in no way damaged at the moment…

Anyway, my Birthday was ACE! The best so far! I got some FAB presents! I need to go out and invest in NICE coloured card. I love card. Its scary, and an obssesion, but I do. I’m sorry if no one understands the Paper loving thing, but honestly, getting good quality paper and card and bits and bobs to make cards and stuff with is the best feeling ever. Ooooh!!

where do all the daed boys go? no solution just bombs below.

Living Things are incredible, you wouldn’t think that they would have anything profound to say (this is just anouther punk rock band springs to mind) but actually they are really really good, and some of the lyrics are so powerful. Incredible really.

I was watching “Imagine… Unsuitable for Children?” the programme that was on on wednesday night about childrens books, and it was really good. Some of the poiunts it raised were totally ridiculous, but it also drew my attention to a number of books that I want to read, ie, Shadowmancer (my sister has that somewhere), Maus (its a comic style book about a real Auschwitz experience!!), Doing It (Melvin Burgess, need I say more), uhh. I think there were more

Anyway, I’m off.

  1. Shopgirl says:

    Good luck with your driving! Thanks for the comment. If I get the answer to how to post multiple pics, I’ll let you know, too, ok? :) Take care!

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