Aah, Its good to be home.

Posted: July 10, 2004 in everything else

Well, hellloooooo.

I am finally back from my week long Drama Camp, which was Fantastic!! Actually, it was rather odd in some ways as it was the last year that Fiona and Kenny would be there. Fiona being the Team Leader and Kenny just a random leader. Oh and then there were all the other people that were new, and one old “friend” that I had not expected to see. but more on him later.

The camp itself was fantastic, it was a Christian camp. I know some people will be like “eh, why go on a God camp?” but I am a Christian so its important to me. Anyway, it was all just amazing, so many strong supportive people there.

Ok, so I guess you want the “Gossip” then? Not the band, obviously, although that would be cool…. Well, anyway, i went out with this guy, Andrew, about 5 years ago, and we hadn’t seen each other since then, and then, suddenly, up he pops as a leader at the camp! How weird! Anyway, I didn’t even notice until like the evening, although he looked slightly familiar… Neither of us mentioned it (to the other) till about halfway through the week, but its all cool now. Although my *friend* Adam took every opportunity to rip it out of me for having gone out with him. he’s a really sweet guy, if a little odd…. But thats all to the good.

There were a coupla points were I just really felt like crap, we had the talk about Death on wednesday night and I just ended up in tears by about halfway through, but I was determined to stay.

Just before the end I had to leave, and so did Adam and Christina (she was ok quicker). Adam and I walked and talked and cried and it got a bit better. I talked to Andy too, and that was good. If you wanna know Why I would cry, go to the post entitled “cry your life away” in the archives for o3/21/2004-



  1. Nodders says:

    Wow, it’s amazing how these things can really trigger things. These things are really tough. It sounds like your trip was a Bitter Sweet affair. It’s good to have you back, though.

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