Posted: July 21, 2004 in everything else

Argh, ok i have like two minutes to write something……..

wooooooo, this has changed… i like it!! its all neeew!!

hhmmm. hmmm. oh, btw Mr T, just so you know, its not like that betwixt (not used that one in a while..) me and David (the biroman reference in my previous blog- he was the one with htat name. Biroman is not david, he is in fact, Andrew, ie the Ex… sheesh, this is confusing. Oh and David is NOT david Bruce, however much fun it would be to throw him into the mix…..). just so you know…


Hmmmm. well, i watched Edward Scissorhands (again) last night. Its still suuuuch a good movie.


OOOh! and i got Black Books series 2 on DVD. Classic stuff, had me chortling heartily away at the tv screen. well, actually, i laughed harder than “chortle” conveys. it weas more of a belly-ache-making laugh. Literally hurt my sides and face….


Anyway. I guess i should toddle off and do the dishwasher… wail moan.


  1. Nodders says:

    Hey Siouxsie, I haven’t spoken to David since first year, it never even crossed my mind! Anyhoo, Edward Scissorhands rocks! If your a Tim Burton fan, you must watch Ed Wood, the biopic of the worst film Director ever. I think its one of his best films…
    Ooh, and Black Books aswell! Excellent! “No! Don’t eat the general – it’ll demoralise the troops!”

    Hmm, chortling heartily… I like it…

  2. Sooz? says:

    yeah, actually, i saw Ed Wood. Rather enjoyed it….
    uuh, what else did you say??

    i think ive drunk too much for my brain to function properly… nah. i can still type coherently and i know my thinking processes…

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