Posted: August 11, 2004 in everything else

well, well, well.

How do you all do?

I got my results the other day, dum dum dum….

usually the postman is a bit late, cos on monday he’d not come till like 9.30, but yesterday he was there at 8.50!! Which was incredible. It meant I got to open them before going along to Holiday Club. So that was cool.

oh, I guess some might want to know what I got??

ok, well….

English A; thought I would maybe get this, but I was unsure, cos the exam had been quite hard….

Maths B; totally never thought I would get this one. Was thinking I might have failed, and hoping for a C, even though Dr Waterstone (human, only just…. speaks vulcan or something…. rather worrying…) thought I was A material. I so wasn’t…

Chemistry B; Hmmmm…. well, I spent the whole year getting Cs and I was predicted at C level, but, HOORAY! I did some revision… Don’t even know why I took Chemistry, I really don’t need it… At All!

RMPS A; I was definitely predicted this, but I was kinda worried, cos I didn’t think that the paper had been that good.. I didn’t like the questions!

And now, my favourite subject, and the one I really REALLy wanted to do well in,

Drama……………………A!!!!; I was well impressed, cos that mean’t I did really really well in my acting too!!!! sooooo HAPPY!!!!

Anyway.. thats the stress off, I can enjoy my last week of freedom. Which means that I will do lots of driving around with my dad. I’m really liking learning to drive, its good fun…..

My friend went to India on saturday, he’s doing a six month thing, which is really cool, i’m totally wishing him the very best.. good on ya Hamish!

Got back from Holiday on saturday. Was in Dumfries and Galloway for a week with my family and best (well, one of) friend. it was nice, relaxing. Made a big change from camp. We had a week at camp, at Lendrick Muir, my parents ran it, and it was hectic, but it was fantastic fun. It really was an incredible week, we all felt sooo much closer to God especially from having to rely on him at times, and looking to his grace to guide us through the difficult logistical obstacles.


Ahh, only an hour til Sex and the City. but really, i shouldn’t stay up, cos I have done like every other night and i’ve regretted it…. hmmm. what a quandry….

ok, well, im signing off now……

Good night..

  1. Nodders says:

    *Impressed Whistle* That’s some good going Siouxs. Three A’s and a B. Everyone knew you’d get an A in Drama and your English was a sure-fire.

    Going to bed early though? Tsk tsk. I was up until 7:30 in the morning last night getting absolutely wasted along at Balmerino to celebrate the results. Then I cycled home in the Monsoon weather. Zooming through the floods was so much fun!

  2. Sooz? says:

    Thanks, Mr.T. Actually, I was up till after midnight last night, and yet i woke up refreshed (sorta) at 8 this morning. Hmmm. I had nothing at my disposal in order for to get Wasted, although, from the drunken email that gill sent i guess she got wasted last night.

    Cycling in Monsoon weather would be classic, especially if you are kinda wasted at that point…. nice.

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