Posted: August 14, 2004 in everything else

man of my dreams…

well, not of mine, he’s not my type, but of Christinas dreams, sure.

Hmmmm. well, I really really should go to bed, cos I was absolutely knackered today, traipsing round Glasgow for several hours with a man in a kilt, for no real reason. Well, there was a reason for the kilt, but apart from that…

Oh cack, I was going to phone Adam again tonight. I did try earlier, but he was busy or whatever, he didn’t answer his phone. Or reply to my text. Cheeky boy.

Hmmmmmmmm. tee hee. We stole Iains sunglasses….

I’m tired and I probably amn’t making much sense. I got pretty shoes for school though.. Mary Jane Dr Martens. They are nice….. Ho hum.

ooook. I will go to my beddy-byes now.


  1. Nodders says:

    No, you’re not making much sense, but I forgive you. It must be that kilted guy you went into so much detail about. Does Mary Jane have anything to do with Spider-man or am I being wierd (more so than usual)?

  2. Sooz? says:

    uuh, what does Iain have to do with anything..? and No, mary anes are not anything to do with spidey.. just a design of shoe….
    ooh, yeah iain was the one in the kilt. but the iain i talk about in your blog is a diferent one again.. oh the complications…

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