I feel a little sick

Posted: August 22, 2004 in everything else

Have been listening to the Scissor Sisters continuously all weekend and they are now ingrained onto my brain…..

which, in some respects is good, but again can be annoying. Although the lyric titling this post is particularly apt because I am feeling a little sick. Ate some flapjack today, which was mighty good, but then I thought, ooh, I feel slightly queasy each time I eat this.. Oh, well, if I’m going to be ill I may as well be really ill. I now regret this stupid decision as I have to go the theatre tomorrow. Hmm. Don’t really want to puke all night.

Anyway. I’m sure everyone waned to know my eating habits……. I’m really making use of these new funky keyboard shortcuts. Can you tell??

cos I’m mr brightside.

I don’t really get those lyrics, you’re mr brightside even though the girl you love is going off with some other bloke and having casual sex?? (I had to retype the extra “l” that I had missed in “really” three times before I realised that I needed to press the “insert” button in order for the “l” to show… How dumb??)

Anyhoooooo. Really sick of doing that drama homework I have. It just got dull after a while. I think I’ve pretty much done it, but I really didn’t feel like it… Although Celestina is quite a good play, I would quite reccomend it. However, I don’t think it is in print.. We had to get the cast copy from the Edinburgh festival… But, it is on for another two days at the Kings Theatre, Edinburgh. Directed by Calixto Bieito. Who, so I’ve been told, is very controversial, subversive, etc etc. Celestina is supposed to have full frontal male nudity, sex scenes and lots of blood. Well, the two main characters are supposed to have sex, almost everyone dies, Celestina is murdered with at least 30 stab wounds.. This is all described in the text. Not sure where the male nudity comes in, unless it is Parmeno and Areusa… Hmmm. He is promised her by Celestina… They are also described as having sex. Or it could be Sempronio. (Who is in love with Celestina’s whore, Elicia. Elicia calls Celestina ‘Mother’ as do many other people.) Or indeed Calisto, the main lover. He is infatuated with Melibea. She hated him, then, after being bewitched by a spell of Celestina’s, she falls madly in love. Hmm, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

leave your number on the locker and I’ll give you a call. Hey shut up, hey shut up, yeah. Leave you legacy in gold on the plaques that line the wall. Hey shut up, hey shut up, yeah. In a car with a girl, promise me she’s not your world, cos Andy you’re a star, in nobodies eyes but mine.

(The Killers, Andy, You’re A Star Hot Fuss 2004)

Well, I don’t think I have anything else (or did I at all…??) of value to say, so I will leave now….

Good day.


  1. Nodders says:

    Yo, I think Mr. Brightside is supposed to be either sarcastic (I say I’m happy but you know I’m sad) or optimistic (she may be screwing around, but at least I’m the one she loves, aren’t I?)

    This theatre; are there a lot of red lights in the area? I found out my parents have been to the Moulin Rouge…dude, they’re my parents, they’re not supposed to think about stuff like that!

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