Posted: August 24, 2004 in everything else

Turning through sick lullabies, but that’s just the price I pay.

I saw Celestina last night. It was fairly good, not nearly as bloody as we all expected. For all the Celestina was stabbed 30 odd times there was no actual blood. Or even fake blood… Odd… It was good though. Although Parmeno did (unfortunately) get an erection after he’d finished having sex with Areusa. Which was amusing. He was only in small y-front type underwear… Anyway, he got nude onstage, then Calisto at the end got naked. Completely butt naked. He had a bigger knob. People were discussing this on the bus home, so I just thought I would inform y’all. Sorry for any innocent minds…

Oh, Mr T, no, the theatre wasn’t in a red light area, but much use of red lighting (the other predominant colour was green) and smoke was deployed throughout the play…

I think I got stung on the eye by a wasp today. It flew into my eye and then went away, but my eye was really stingy and tingly and sore for about 20 minutes after. Not my actual eyeball but my eyelids. hmmm. Oh well, It doesn’t hurt now…

Seriously advise against doing Higher MER just because of the sheer annoyingness of Ecosystems. Our biology dep’t is seriously unfortunate, it’s realy warm and stuffy and determined to make you fall asleep. And I spend the entire of tuesday afternoon in there…. It SUCKS!

Was quite annoyed at several of my friends today. Just didn’t feel like talking t o them and then there was stupidity over where we sat. I mean for *expletives that I don’t use anymore* sake why don’t we just sit on a *grr* picnic table. We can all get around it and talk and aren’t sperated by the width of the walkway bit of the Quad where no-one talks across the *division*. Just because some-*grr*-one doesn’t like *grr* picnic tables in the middle of the Quad. For *grr*s sake we are the *grr* SIXTH years! Its our RIGHTFUL PLACE! ! Sorry. I just didn’t want to talk to some people earlier. I still don’t really want to speak to them.


I should go get something to eat.


  1. Nodders says:

    Woah, you sound pretty *one mississippi, two mississippi*d off.

  2. Sober Mike says:

    Yo, What up?

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