ooh the glory days

Posted: August 29, 2004 in everything else

I was walking into my kitchen today, past the cork board that hangs on the side wall, facing you as you enter the kitchen, and I saw, as I do every time I walk into the kitchen the fading photograph from the local newspaper that my mum stuck up when I was beginning primary One. Sitting next to me (I’m in a nice tunic type dress that was oh so fashionable in P1) is our very own Mr. T. Sporting beautiful big (white framed? That’s how they look in the photo) glasses. Oh, the joys of P1. Sam Neilson has krinkly bunches in. David, always the teachers pet (er…) is standing right next to Mrs I-can’t-quite-remember-her-name. David Lindsey also looks fresh-faced and ready for the challenges of primary. Oh, the fun.

I remember me and David (L) used to go to his house and hide in his shed and play with chemistry sets, setting things on fire and stuff.. It was soo much fun. He had (has?) a big fat cat, she was really old.

oh, my gosh, I remember one time I was at Davids house and we were in the bathroom, we’d locked ourselves in cos we were doing something daft and trying to get away from his mum (who is very nice, as is his dad, when he speaks) and we found, in one of the little cupboards his bathroom had, some disposable razors. Being as we were, young, and curious we decided to try shaving what little hair there was on our legs. My leg was fine, only a tiny wee cut that hardly bled, but when we got to Davids (dry shaving you understand) we decided to go for the knee area… Bad idea. We managed to cut his knee, a fairly shallow cut, but it bled SOOO much. We were really freaked, but decided to try and clean it by running his leg under the tap… Did that help? No. We eventually had to go out and tell his mum… Which wasn’t as bad as expected…

Och. I haven’t seen David in ages. Bumped into him and his mum in Tescos after work one day, but that was a while ago. Its a shame.

I always did have odd friends. Even though I was in the *popular* group at primary, I still hung out with the not-so-popular people, like David Lindsey.

I wonder if he still remembers our after school escapades…. We *broke* into his neighbours garden a few times…

Anyway, all this reminiscing was brought on by me actually Looking at the cork board.

I should keep this stuff to myself really shouldn’t I?

Ohh, I made good progress on my script for Drama this weekend. I now have 6 pages of script. That’s quite a lot for three days work, and most of it was just writing, it came pretty easily. I’m quite pleased with what I’ve done. I even wrote my MER (sucks) essay. Dull, dull, dull. And I started my Celestina essay. Oh the productiveness of my weekend.

My dad got West Wing series 1&2 the complete box sets off eBay recently, so we need to start watching them….

G’night for now.

  1. Nodders says:

    Hmm, I have school photos from almost every year. I should post it on the net. Mwa ha ha!

    Those glasses! Good golly miss molly! They weren’t white, but probably had Ghostbusters logos on the side. And they were huge (but it was the fashion).

    Ahh David Lindsay (I called him by his full name to stop confusion), I got in fights with him. He hit my head against the wall: I broke his finger! Mwa ha ha! Woah, I’m in a sadistic mood right now…

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