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Posted: September 2, 2004 in everything else

Today was a little trippy.. Went to the Glenrothes Careers Convention (that reminds me, I need to get a RSAMD prospectus.. excuse me..) Ok. well, the careers convention wasn’t much different to the one we had at school some time ago… but, hey, it was a skive…

I got back to school in time for fourth Period- which meant STUDY!!! So, Jen and I wandered around town, posting letters and the like.

Then after lunch (with Frase, he came back again!!) we had creative writing. Which was interesting as we were listening to music that had memories or connections for our teacher. This was all peachy keen, I was enjoying recognising (or not) some of the songs she played. Fine, until we got to the last song. Coldplay, Trouble. She had to go and add that song to her list. She introduced it saying about how Nicky had chosen it to play at her funeral. From the word go, ie her first mention of Nicky, my hands were shaking. By the time we got past the intro, to the first verse, I was crying. Tears running down my cheeks and a runny nose and all. not a pretty sight. I just couldn’t help it. It was beyond my control.

She let us go to the toilet or whatever after that, we were due a break, so I just bombed it out of the classroom, then heard Jen running up behind me. Even after nearly 7 months of no Nicky, its very hard to take. Very very hard.

I even sat on the bus with a lump in my throat, my hands shook for at least the first twenty minutes of the last period of CW.

These things just remind you of how vulnerable we all are. The mortality of us.

ok. I should go.

Good day to you all.

  1. Nodders says:

    I hope your feeling better now. I didn’t know her a fraction of what you did, but even for me, the mention of her name kind of knocked me back. I really can’t comprehend what you were feeling. It was so horrible to see you in tears like that.

  2. Sooz? says:

    thanks Gordon.
    I’m ok now, no worries. its just a shock, I didn’t see mrs harvey at the funeral, so i wasn’t expecting it, but yeah. quite harsh.
    good to know you have supportive friends though.

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