My beloved Monster and Me

Posted: September 6, 2004 in everything else

Well, today was a good day, did the whole peer tutor training thing, it was really good fun.

anyway, I’m off to Glasgow for two days tomorrow morning, viewing university type things. i.e. doing lots of shopping!!!!

I’m so sure I had something to talk about.

It’s quite upsetting looking at the stats for Mr.T’s site compared to mine, Its like mine is older but he has SOO many more words written.. I’m quite scared. Davey too, he is either just ahead or just behind me..

ooohoo makes me wanna dance ooohoo its a new romance ooohoo I look into your eyes ooohoo best years of our lives.

Watched the original Stepford Wives on saturday… Its pretty scary. Just the thought that something like that could happen.. Its really really good, but slightly scary… Why is it in *horror* movies they all have power cuts, or parts of their houses are really dark at all the scary bits?? There was a thunder storm at the scary bit. Although, actually, the scariest sequence in the entire film is the closing one. (Sorry if you haven’t seen it.) But, when they all walk through the supermarket with their trolleys and pretty clothes and greet each other pleasantly, without finding anything out about the other person, that is so creepy. It’s like the are all on a big conveyor belt… creepy. Apparently the new one is supposed to be funny, whereas the old one (while being funny) was very blackly humourous.

Actually, thats another thing, she never had breasts (well, none worth speaking of) throughout the whole film, then suddenly at the end she (her robot (Sorry.)) had breasts. Ridiculous, but the husband probably specified it.

Just looking at the Sunday Times and they have a feature (in their supplement magazine) about what we teens do and why we do it, all about our drinking, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll lifestyles… I’ve not read it yet…

But I will..

According to this, almost 40% of Scottish and English 15 yr old girls (note this is all focused on GIRLS, no guys so far…) and almost 20% of 13 yr old girls drink spirits every week- almost 10% more than guys of those ages.

Around 30% of English and Welsh 13 yr olds have been drunk two or more times.

Nearly 14% of English 11 yr old boys drink weekly, however by the age of 13 thats risen to 34%.

Blimey, thats alot of alcohol for such young people. It goes on to discuss how much drugs we take, how much sex we have and how much we all smoke.

Its quite scary. I didn’t have a drink till I was at least 15. I think that was only at Christmas too.

I really don’t get the whole going out to get drunk and have lots of sex and get stoned out your head so you can’t remember anything the next day. Thats so not how I have fun.

But anyway, I should go and write a CV so that I can persuade places tht they really want to employ me…. They really really do….

  1. Davus says:

    i’m on 7989 compared to you’re 9882. i’m catching up!

  2. Nodders says:

    Mwaa ha ha, I am on 12,641 already (but I do write a load of pants. Like fancying Lady Penelope and paperclips etc.

    I did the Peer Tutoring today; it was so much fun! It was like all your row in English was there. We went to the play park at lunch as well. And I’m going to Glasgow tomorrow.

    The guy who directs the new Stepford Wives is Frank Oz aka Yoda aka Kermit the Frog. Just thought you might like to know…

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