Posted: September 19, 2004 in everything else

Just wondering:

Do most blokes change towards their female friends- long standing or not quite so long standing- when they get a “proper” girlfriend?

I’m only asking because it’s happened a few times. The first one was a relatively slow change, but it happened all the same.

The second was a fairly minor change.. and the girl in question changed a bit as well.

The third is the one that got me thinking about this seriously, cos it was quite a drastic and unexpected change. Its weird cos we used to speak quite often on msn or by text or whatever, but now that he has this girl (who is my friend, btw, I just never really knew her that well) he doesn’t really speak to me that much. And he never gave me a hug when I saw him and her the other day. Which was a little upsetting. I know it sounds totally pathetic, and insignificant, but it was really a quite big thing. We always hug, but now, because I’m just a friend and he has *commitments* I get nothing more than “bye”. Sheesh.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to know. Thats all.

Oh and is it odd to keep in touch with an ex that you meet 5 years after you’ve gone out with them even though you’ve never *technically* broken up with them? I’m just curious. Anyhoooo…

Bugger, I’ve done no homework this entire weekend. thats not good.

Hmm… Well, I’ll get on to it at some point. Maybe.


Good night all.

  1. Nodders says:

    Now hold on a tick, I’ve already commented here, but nothing turned up. Jings. Tee hee, I’m actually using that word in conversation now.

    Don’t worry about that Iain guy, he probably just didn’t think about it. Don’t read too much into it. Everybody loves you Siouxs; maybe he’s had a labotomy?

    As for the five year thing – you hussie! (Joke, don’t hit me)

  2. Davus says:

    yeah, all men are cads of the highest order. I’d steer clear of us, were not worth the trouble. ho hum, good to see you’re back to posting normally again. the title only posts were artistic, but not particularly practicle.

    i stole your seat in english today, and spent the whole double period helping gordon with his personal statement and listening to Bob Marley while reading Kurt Vonnegutte. oh, the sureality…

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