The Gateway

Posted: September 22, 2004 in everything else

yeah, so it might sound exciting… AND IT IS!!! The Gateway theatre in Edinburgh is where I mightt end up studying for four years… dum dum dummmmmm…

But anyhoo…

Yeah, I really have nothing interesting to say, except, I can Make Paper now!!!!!!!! How cool?? Oh, I forgot, you’re not all weird freaks like me. Not saying you’re not weird freaks, just not weird freaks like me.

Anyway. Off to read Hamlet. Joy.

  1. Nodders says:

    The following comment is brought to you by the ‘Auto-protect-info-from-mum 2000’

    Oh wasn’t Creative writing fun! I may not have got the chance to talk to *** but at least I got to see you and Tara ******** *** ***** *** **** *****. That made my day. I know I am a ***** wee man.

    Oh dear, this isn’t going to work…

  2. Davus says:

    don’t worry, i was able to fill in the blanks. and yes, you are a ***** wee man.

  3. Sooz? says:

    I must just be thick, or my brain doesn’t work at 11.05 at night after being pounded by very loud music, but i can’t work out the blanks. except for one name, well, it ws fairly obvious. argh!
    soooooooo tired. good night

  4. Nodders says:

    In no apparant order: Snogging, Lou, Faces, Dirty, the, off, other, each,

    I bid you good day.

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