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Posted: September 24, 2004 in everything else

well, so much for an after show party! We loitered outside of Tescos, then by the cash machine (right acrross from Tescos) while Tom Esler showed off and bought two cans of Cronenburg or some such crap and no one else could because they were ID-ing. So insterad of going to the pub before getting the bus home, we ended up going for food (David was a-hungered) and then getting the bus home.

My god, were the neds on the bus annoying. It wouldn’t have annoyed me half as much had they not been from my Primary school. Well some of them were, and some have quite obviously become little tarts. But its like, Jason Dallas-Ross shouldn’t be getting drunk, hes barely out of nappies… Oh well…

Mmmm. I have reeses peanut butter cups…

For any and all who care, the play went fabulously well tonight, no prompting was needed and although it could be hard to keep the place, I think I managed admirably. Oh and Tara and I did a roaring trade in refreshments. (with a lesbian side show, dammit Gordon you missed all the fun… no, not really.And I had to type that twice because the first time, the keyboard spontaneously hit Caps Lock on the word lesbian. weird…)

Anyway. I was at a gig last night. In Fat Sams. It was good. Actually, its the first gig I have ever been to where I have been the only girl in the group. Its an odd experience… It was gonna be a big group of people going, but it ended up just Me, Iain (not the Iain previously mentioned who is going out with Jenni, thats Iain B just to avoid confusion, this is Iain Callan.. From school?? He’s left to be a joiner.. anyway…) Paul (his big brother who is a nursey teacher) and Peter. So, it wascool. But its like, almost as if they were protecting me, we were constantly in a circle, or if we were in a line- to see the bands, I would be like in the middle. Until I had to move cos I couldn’t see. But the first time, Paul moved too… Its such a different experience from just going with girls. Anyhoo. Yeah, that was fun.

I’m such a dunce, (wow, I got 5 new emails!!!!) I always sign into one email account (the one I have like no contacts on) and then forget I’m on it, go to see who I can chat to.. And theres NO ONE there. Huh, well, just in case you cared, the emails were pretty .. mundane. I’d read two of them already, (gill tends to send emails to ALL my accounts…) one was from My Kinda Place.. uh?? And i had one where Frase was pissed cos no one was around to witness the marvel of him having Broadband, and then there was Vicki telling us she’s going to the 17th century. All in all, not very much. Oh and I had some in my junk about viagra and stuff… Fun.

Hey, does anyone keep getting lesbo porn on their G-mail account? Or is that just me??

Don’t you ever wonder how they bake the cookies and the chocolate doesn’t melt? .. Just me then?

  1. Nodders says:

    Nope, no such luck on the gmail spam… but all this girl-on-girl CAPITALIZATION and stuff, hmm…

    Woah, you lost me there.

    Here’s a little story. On a DofE expedition, Tom Esler managed to get a bottle of lager from a neighbouring camper (they were giving it away, no mean feat) but he bragged the whole night about how he was so cool yadda yadda. Yeah, that’s it. Whadda ya mean ‘where’s the punchline’?

    In other news, well done on As You Like It! I never saw it, but apparantly it was quite good. I’ll see it when it hits Broadway! (I really hope that didn’t sound sarcastic, it’s hard writing without an accent).

  2. Davus says:

    iain callen! i remeber him, how is he? good to hear the show whent well, myself and gordon would have dearly liked to have gone, if only for the lesbians. at least that was my reason, gordon may have had other things on his mind. still, we saw collateral (spelling?) at the dca, which was fun and good in a kind of weird way. still don’t like tom cruise though. ho hum, see ya round at school.

  3. Nodders says:

    Well I really enjoyed Collateral, and I think Tom Cruise is great now. Mind you, he was more of a supporting role in that one. The walk across the bridge last night was, um, interesting as well.

    Ah, Callan, you know he dreams of being a penguin… I’ve said too much.

  4. Nodders says:

    Forgot to say. Siouxsie, check your gmail if you haven’t already. I need your help.

  5. Nodders says:

    Me in a happy mood now. Yay!

  6. Anonymous says:

    what a nice friend you are, you say mates emails are boring, not one pub was doing ID-ing and if you walked around actually checking what pubs were or not and how busy they were instead of minking outside tesco tryng to decide instead of whinging here and i suppose if u were actually involved in the play, (if u were u wud know that it didnt go fabulously well that night)you wud end up celebrating with the cast, and you know if emails from your friends are ‘mundane’ just forget them and sit online with you little internet blog buddies bitching about everything thinking nobody will notice, if your friends are so mundane, get new ones, cos if your just gonna bitch online they probably wont want you

  7. Davus says:

    Eeeeeekkk, scary anonymous person who doesn’t know how to use full stops! Come on people, can’t we all be frineds here? Oh well, i’m off to bitch about everything cause I really passiantely believe that no one’s going to notice, and I’m sure you all know how time consuming this can be. Tata.

  8. Sooz? says:

    I did not say my mates were boring, I only commented upon the fact that I had read two of my emails already (and while I enjoyedthem the first time, reading the same thing three times in the space of a couple of hours is not something that usually holds my interest for long.) Frasers was just a two line rant asking why no one was online, Vickis was interesting but I didn’t think anyone who reads this would really care, although I did leave a little hook, but obviously no-one cares that she can time travel.

    I only said that Tesco was ID-ing, I wasn’t particularly bothered that we didn’t go to a pub, but David etc DID get IDed at the Lizard. But thats because they were loitering stupidly/nervously.

    I wanted to be involved in the play, thats why I auditioned, but obviously, I’m too shit for your standards of excellence, and from the point of view of a prompt, or indeed an audience member, the play DID go well, I’m not saying that the castthought it was fab, but hey. I guess you didn’t notice that the whole cast DIDN’T go out celebrating, since y’all kinda split up and some just went home, it didn’t look much like a whole cast party anyway.

    I love my friends, and I hardly sit here and bitch about them all day long, ok, so at moments when some of them annoy me, or send me repetitive emails I’ll mention it, but in the grand scheme of things, if I didn’t like my friends, I wouldn’t hang out with them. Life is far too short to waste all your time on people you don’t like. And I should know.

    Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up, because it did kinda hurt. Even more so that I think I might know who posted the comment. But I’m over your comments now that I’ve had the chance to explain my comments to you. Whether you accept them or not is up to you, but I guess I’ll see you in school tomorrow.

  9. Sooz? says:

    Thanks for defending me guys! I appreciate it, but Zed0 why delete your first ever comment on my site??? (it is your first yeah?)
    Ho hum.. well, back to Hamlet I go..

  10. Zed0 says:

    you posted that comment while I was typing and I thought that you’d said most of the stuff I had so I removed my comment

    Nice new theme
    I’ve no idea whether it is my first post here or not but I’ve been checking here for ages

  11. Davus says:

    wow, vicky can time travel! which vicky!? i only know of one, but if vickys can time travel maybe they can clone themselves as well… or maybe i’m being a tad silly. ooo, who do you think mister/missus anonaymus was. whoever it was they’re skills at grammer are somewhat limited (i know that’s rich coming from me, but i’m not being a tool so forgive me).
    i’m liking the new template, did you code it yourself or get it from a site. if so, which site cause i’m getting kinda bored of mine, not that’ll copy you, but who knows, maybe they’re other cool ones out there.

  12. Sooz? says:

    I won’t say who I think it is because I’m not that nasty and it might be unfair.. Um, I got the template from the Blogger template place… I mean, come on, be serious, Me code something?? You have to be kidding! Anyway, well, Vicki sorta can time travel, she is actually off to a re-enactment of the 17th century.. I don’t really remember.. but yeah, it sounds like FUN!!

    I got lots of comments! This never usually happens!!

    Ho hum. I went to see Wimbledon with my mum and sister, it was actually pretty good, better than expected…

    ARGH! Theory test on tuesday… need to get revising!

  13. Zed0 says:

    you want more skins? go here: http://www.blogskins.com/
    thanks to Hidden Nook for that

  14. Nodders says:

    Whoever this anonymous is, they must be a spineless twat if they can’t even give a name (yes, I realise Mr.T isn’t my real name, but you guys know my name anyway). They seemed to read far too much into that aswell. Oh well, screw them if their going to bitch about bitching and what have you.

    May I just add that my comment about Tom doesn’t actually mean I “absolutely despise, detest and find him pathetic” it was merely a passing bitching. (Oh god, here goes another Riffkin tyoe thing…)

    On a lighter note, wow wee, this is an impresive little pad you got here, very contemporary. I would give an impressed whistle, but I’m not sure how to spell it.

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