Don’t Speak

Posted: September 28, 2004 in everything else


I don’t like tests.

I failed my driving theory. By 4 marks!!!! 4 fricking marks! I hate Hazard Perception.

ok thats all you get on that topic. NO ONE mention it. Ok maybe thats a tad extreme… Uh.. yeah. whatever.


I drove home through Dundee from the Kingsway Tescos.. Still not too hot on roundabouts, but I’m getting there.. Blimey, is getting lined up with the little boxy thingy at the bridge hard or what? at least the first time. Mum spent 15 minutes or so in a car park making me do reversing stuff. Hated that. (we were waiting to pick dad up from physio).

My mum knows what happen to Keir (when I metioned it, she suggested Circumcision… oh boy, how I laughed.. I just found some amusement in that situation, then I ws like, well, why won’t he be back at school, and she said, I imagine sitting down would be quite hard.. *chuckle chuckle*) and she hasn’t yet told me.. she will though…

Anyhoo. I can’t be bothered doing anything else.. oh cack I have soo much homework to do before this trip.. I’m offy to Stratford on friday! Hurrah!

good even.

  1. Nodders says:

    I feel soooo sorry for the guy when he gets back to school. The thing is, it’s been built up too much now, and it really isn’t as bad as people think.

    Circumcision…Siouxsie! Shame on you for thinkng about Keir’s unmentionables.

  2. Nodders says:

    Sorry, pressed the button to early.

    That theory result is a bit of a bitch. Don’t worry, you’ll ace it the next time you can afford to take the test again.

  3. Sooz? says:

    cool, thanks.
    and I did not think about kiers.. thing. My MOTHER (yesthat one..) thought of it. when I told her he’d been in hospital.
    ho hum…. what the heck was i going to say? im sure i had something all lined up..

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