Posted: September 30, 2004 in everything else

I’m off to Stratford at the insanely early time of 6am tomorrow.. so I hope y’all have fun at school etc.. See ya monday!

  1. Nodders says:

    Fine. See if I care. Hmpf.

  2. Lolly says:

    ooooooh Suzi did you have a nice time??

    I asked Tara about it and i tihnk i got more detail about the bus trip than the play!
    So tell all!

  3. Nodders says:

    Wull hullo, congratulations on your little play during lunch time. It rocked – in a sad way, of course, I’m not trying to say the whole “dude, I’m pregnant… that sucks” was jammin’, I genuinely thought you put on a totally convincing play worthy of a Tony Award.

    Hmm, I read that over and it sound like sarcasm. It’s not though.

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