Posted: October 5, 2004 in everything else

for anyone who wants a neak preview of Ros’ profile.. here it is, in all its 300 exactly word glory…

The most considerate, sweetest person I’ve met, although don’t be fooled by her mature exterior: Roz proved her immaturity with discussions about ponk, gnomes and shooting the art mannequin. Thanks!!


Murderous tendencies sometimes get the better of Roz, as years of plans to torture randoms will prove. Nice Warrior Guy may be flattered- Ugly Leather Guy will need years of therapy! Uber-Pea phonecalls still make me laugh, as do our rambles…

You’re a great friend, Punjabi-buddy even if you’re insane!


Someday I’ll be able to spell your name. Keep coming up with witty comments (though you secretly plan them days before) and looking more stylish than ten stylists in a phonebooth.


I’m permanently scarred by those Biology videos and miss Scary Technician. Thank God you helped at my BBQ- we still set things alight! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you!


With Black Tutus and winklepickers, her clothes are great, but possibly attract weirdos- even her (female) friend tried it on once. And there’s that fear of the Dutch…

We’ve been through school together and I’ve come out of it disturbed due to your Grease obsession. But I still love you.


Three years after I said, “Cool necklace” it’s like this! Our artist, forever checking whether I’ve eaten etc. Sorry for being such a pain- I love you really.


Geez, I’ve known you for 13 years, hopefully for many more. You’re my funky carpet-wearing friend, maybe one day you can slap my ass…


You’re the most fashionable of my friends! Shared passions for jewellery and hot men bonded us, and I don’t know that school would have been as fun without you. Costas has never been as good as when I discovered why you would be –and are- my best mate!


ok so its lots of people, but hey diversity rocks…..


  1. Nodders says:

    Not too shabby! You know you could cut down the word count significantly just by taking the crowds of names out!

  2. Nodders says:

    Enjoy yourself in the US of A! Hope you get a chance to write something from that neck of the woods! You’ll be missed, especially as Davey’s hair is threatening to eat me in English!

  3. Lolly says:

    Ahh tha’s great!

    Although Jonny’s entry scares me. :)

    Yeah have a great time Suzibean! *waves white hankie* I’LL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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