Posted: October 20, 2004 in everything else

and again….

  1. Sooz? says:

    could someone tell me how to post multiple pictures one one post and do writing as well…?? i don’t understand…

  2. Davus says:

    erk, it’s quite complicated because hello sucks. what you have to go is go to edit post for each picture, then go to edit html and copy paste the code into the post with the text. hope that helps… i’m not even going to ask whats with the shower pictures.

  3. Nodders says:

    What kinda mad ass suburban fetish orgy club where you staying with when you were over there?! I mean first the revelation of porn, now this?! Siouxsie, Siouxsie, Siouxsie, (dude, that’s a hard name to spell 3 times!) you used to be such a good girl…

  4. Sooz? says:

    oh, come on, it was all just good clean fun, we had all been in the freezing-ass water (quite literally) and were deathly cold.. we were on jet skis and stuff, and actually, to be honest, it was warmer IN the lake than out.. but never mind.. ooh and then we had to have MORE showers (there are only two showers and like 26 of us…) cos we’d all been playing in the mud… boy was that fun. and no, i haven’t gotten to that part in my daily round up yet, cos that was friday…. Anyway.. it was great fun.. and we all had swim suits on.
    good clean fun, i tells ya!

  5. Nodders says:

    Of course it was good CLEAN fun, you were in the flippin’ shower! Oh, I’m just messin with you. I’m sure your fetish group have a great time…

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