Top Five… eventually…

Posted: October 27, 2004 in everything else

Ok, since Davus posted his top five bands of all time, I’ve had to have a good look at all the cds in my collection and whittle them down to a select few.. Very very hard. So, I’ve got five categories, then I’ve (eventually…) chosen the best of each section…. So, here goes…


Ok, so quite an odd title for a category of cds. Yes, ok, I’ll give you that, but these are all the cds that I have loved because of Emily Roff. Its all your fault!!

  • itm007 (Is This Music no.007 the cd i got free from the magazine.. oops). Not a specific band as such, but a collection of great tracks (one by a friend- well, I say friend, I think I met him all of about twice. Of mine. Ok, of Emilys- Alex.) which are all quintessentially scottish and quite fab. Makes me very nostalgic when I’m not home. Look out for tracks 1, 4 and.. well, most of them. the last one is not quite so great.. but hey.
  • Antifolk Vol 1. Alright, so again this is a compilation, but it is gorgeous. Especially Grey Revell. There just aren’t words to describe how cool this cd is.
  • Belle and Sebastian. Oh my gosh, I love these guys! they are the funkiest band ever. Glasgow based, they are so sweet. The lyrics are incredible. A lot of the songs are real stream of consciousness jobs. I think I have probably rambled about tem before, but I can’t remember where.. They feature on the Music for Sudan cd that was free with the Sunday Herald a few weeks back.. Although this isn’t my favourite song, it has grown on me. I also love a song of theirs (which I have on vinyl) called “This is just modern rock song”. “Your Cover’s Blown” is a more electro type song that they usually do.. its good though. ‘hey lady, put the phone, cancel all operations, tell your friends to put it, I wanna see you alone’. They are so much fun. “lay on the bed there, kissing just for practice, could we please be objective, the other boys are queueing up behind us, a hand over my mouth, a hand over the window, if i remain passive and you just want a cuddle, we should be ok, seeing other people, well at least that what we say we are doing”
  • The Gossip. They have to be my favourite punk band of all time. A lesbian singer, a straight, shy guitarist, and another (lesbian, i think…) girl on drums. Oh, they rock. “Don’t make waves in the water lest you mess around and you drown its not like i coulda stopped her, cos a girl can’t be tied down and i’ll say it again, its like i got a hole in my pocket trying to keep you satisfied don’t make waves…” “baby baby baby” Its just so much fun to listen to them. they are such an experience. I can’t actually remember any of their names (except Nathan. I have an interview- that was meant to be all about the band, but ended up being about Nathan.. it was very cool anyway.) but thats not the point, oh, no, the lead singer is called Beth. (If I remember right.) Ok, NYC is a good album- its a live recording of some of their best songs. Non non non is a great song. If you really want to appreciate the fantasticness of the Gossip, go for Movement. It has better quality recordings. NYC is fun though, it has Beths dialogue with the audience, although the sound quality isn’t the best ever. never mind though. “must be so hot down there, with so many bodies”. oh yes, it certainly is a hot album.
  • Have you ever heard Jack Kerouacs song its about “on the road” (a fab book btw…) its quite fun.
  • Ok, this one wasn’t actually an Emily influence, but because I bought her B&S which she already had, for her christmas, I had to keep it. My mum had just gone and bought that album for me for my Christmas.. So I had a problem. Anyway, I got Simon and Garfunkel for my christmas instead.. and I have to say, I really rather like it. I would definitely reccomend it. For anyone. Try out If I could, The sparrow, oh, just all of them.


These are bands that I have seen live that have been fantastic and mind-blowing and all the rest. In chronological order…

  • AFI Wow. These guys were so amazing. It was over a year ago that I saw them and they still stand out as one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. The power Davey had onstage… breathtaking. My favourite moment was when he was alone onstage and he was kneeling, spotlit, leant back and singing a cappella to the roof. It was incredible. I think the song was This time imperfect. It was so amazingly perfect. The albums are really good too, including classics like god called in sick today, girl’s not grey, the leaving song pt1 and pt2, so many more. they might take a bit of gettng used to.. but they are so good.
  • A Perfect Circle, I saw this band (a side project of Tool man Maynard Keating) in february of this year. (the 6th to be exact.) They were ace. Maynard was in a cloth box type thing for the first song, emerging from it at the end of the song. Omg, they were incredible.
  • Living Things were the support for Melissa Auf der Maur (who had supported APC). They were insanely good. So happy and dancy and lovely and gothic. They were all slutted up in leather jackets and trousers (insanely skinny too) and looked soo good but sounded so much better. They rocked my socks that night. The album black skies in broad daylight is an immensely fantastic cd. It has songs like Bombs Below (gorgeous) and No New Jesus. I love them so much.

Easy Listening. (kinda. I couldn’t think what else to call this one)

ok, well, these are some good easy to listen to, relaxing kinda cds. all two of them.

  • Bluetones I first heard them on tha show on channel four.. either Popworld or just T4 and I really liked them then. It took ages before I got the cd then I didn’t like it as much. I quite love it now… this band manages to be upbeat and sad all at the same time. they discuss some totally stupid things with compplete sincerity. “its a mudslide its slipping down to cover the hillside and you can bet its going to seep into your house in through your eyes and out your dirty little mouth, its a mudslide, a mile wide, bona fide mudslide.. and the man said how’m a’ gonna get my white shirt clean” They are so mad its soo good..
  • Bare Naked Ladies. I only got a BNL album recently. It rocks. I love all the well known ones one week and its all been done for example. however ther were some corkers that totally surprised me.who needs sleep being one example. Stunt is a great album I would highly recommend.
  • Ok, so I said there were two, then I thought of Badly Drawn Boy. (Note how they are all beginning with “b”…) Usually, I have to admit I’m not his biggest fan, but Mum got me the new album and its pretty good. I love Year of the Rat, New Song, countless more of them are worth a mention. its a softly spoken, beautifully written and sung album.

Ok, so heres my (almost) obligatory Christian rock section.

I decided to add this category because I have a deep love for some of this music…

  • DC Talk. These guy are great. one song on Supernatural has alot of power. its called We all wanna be loved it rocks.
  • Im getting bored of typing now. Delirious? are a cool band that have managed success in the US but not in their native britain. damn. they rock.
  • Big Tent Revival are a rather funky band. they have a song about a guitar. tee hee.
  • tree63 are just ace. they really just rock

im so tired… ok, i have an Other category.. which speaks for itself basically…


  • The Cure
  • Queen
  • my red cell if, as is most probable you haven’t heard of MRC you should look them up. they are cool.
  • the Distillers. i like them. alot of people disagree.

ok. well. thats my huge list. my favourite of each are:

Belle and Sebastian (had to be really..)

A Perfect Circle ( this took a lot of thought. quite a tough decision… the 13th step is an ace album)


DC Talk


I really am too tired for this. oh well. on to Hardy. and my computer is soo screwed.

  1. Davus says:

    yay, all excellent choices! well, admitedly i’ve only heard a handfull of the bands you mentioned, but out of the ones i know the only one i don’t have a lot of time for is the disstillers. they’re not bad or anything, it’s just i saw them live and was pretty underwhelmed. simon and garfunkle are obviously amazing, as is queen… i have to say i have a soft spot for badly drawn boy too. mmmm, lots of stuff i shall now have to download, how my phone line weeps. anyway, get some sleep i say!

  2. Sooz? says:

    i saw the distillers live and although i quite enjoyed it, i didn’t think they were good enough to go under the Live section.. oooh and i forgot to mention, Glitterbox is very definitely the best cd i have ever bought for £1. it was a bargain and well worth it. tied and tangled is the album name and the first song- which is rather groovy.
    i think i should sleep, thanks davey.. i just really don’t want to do any work tomorrow night… ok. I’m glad yu liked my choices…

  3. Anonymous says:

    wahey! i’m so flattered to have a section!! i’m glad that you’ve grown to love some of the [perhaps rather too eclectic] music i’ve chucked in your direction over the past year or so. yknow almost without exception i discovered each of those bands through the late, honourable john peel. sob.

    (love from emily)

  4. Nodders says:

    Hmm, not bad. Not bad at all. I like the anally retentive categorization of lists. Anal retentiveness rawks hard! Ooh, and the music’s not bad either.

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