Posted: November 2, 2004 in everything else

well, no doubt you’ll all know all the rumours that hae been flying (oh, look there goes another no, no I’m not pregnant- thanks Gordon…) around since friday night..

Anyway, I don’t feel like “clearing them all up” right now, well, not until I know whatthey all are.. SO, any rumours you guys have heard about anyone who was at John Cleggies on friday night, I want to know them, right here, right now. Thanks.


the fag hag (yeah, thanks guys, chris is getting all offended that he thinks im calling him a fag.. oops.)


  1. Davus says:

    so, when can we expect the happy event? are you gonna find out if its a boy or a girl, or do you want it as a suprise. if its a boy, i reckon you should call it davey, just cause its a groovy name… actually, i reckon that’s what it should be called be it boy or girl.

    hehehehehe, rumours, what rumours?

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