look, another quizy thing..

Posted: November 6, 2004 in everything else

this one will really intrigue me… i want to know yours answers.. do it for me and for each other (if you can be bothered.. ) again, i nicked this off someone else..

1.Has being friends with me changed your life? If so how and is it for the better or for the worst?

2. What animal would you compare me to?

3. What social group would you put me in?

4. What’s your first memory of me?

5. Why do you think we’re friends?

6. What’s your favorite part about me?

7. Have you ever had a dream with me in it? if yes, do tell.

8. How long have we known each other?

9. What do you think i’ll be like in 5 years? Will we still be friends?

10. Is there a song that reminds you of me? If yes, what is it?

i’m feeling really unorigina tonight- which is why im just posting this stuff…

  1. Davus says:

    oh no, i used to get so many of these chain email things… they were fun to start with but got really boring after a while. i’ll do this one though, any excuse to avoid homework.

    1. um, yeah, i suppose so. of course knowing anybody changes your life in some way, big or small. i’d say with you its been for the best though.
    2. mmm, not sure actually. give me a while to think on this
    3. that one
    4. probably you and keir wandering around the playground together at primary school… you were so cute together *ducks behind cover*
    5. i sit behind you in english!
    6. you’re laugh, its funny
    7. nope, not that i can remember
    8. i’ve known you for like 10 years or something, but i’ve only really started talking to you in 6th year
    9. i hope we’ll keep in touch, even if it is only at reunion parties and such like. mmm, that’s a good idea actually, we need to have reunion parties.
    10. as with the animal thing, give me a while to think on it

    there we are. now you have to do it on me, only fair.

  2. Sooz? says:

    this wasn’t even an email, how sad..
    ok, i soooooo don’t remember whatever it was you were alluding to with keir.. i do remember being great friends with william baines.. oh that was fun.. ok, for you then (and I’m soo glad theres someone else who has nothing better to do on a saturday evening than surf the net..)

    1. yeah, i guess to an extent it has changed my life.. certainly my views on things i think.. mmm.
    2. thats easy- an orangutang. they are soo intelligent too, so its a good thing. i love monkeys.
    3.uh huh.
    4. probably seein gyouwith all your brothers in your house.. when i was getting my sister from her piano lesson.. hmm, otherwise, im not sure.
    5. because.. because you sit behind me in english..? and you’re friends with gordon? i don’t really know. its all good though.
    6. uhm, your hair. or your ability to argue well.
    7. i don’t think so..
    8. uhm,, i’ll go with your roughly 10 year analysis.. yeah, its only been sincethis year i’ve actually gotten to know you
    9. hmm. I’m not sure.. whatever you want to be. well, at least, on the way to it. yeah, hopefully we’ll still be friends..
    10. hmm. I’m not sure if there is right now.. I’ll think..

  3. Nodders says:

    Here we are Siouxsie, now it’s only fair that you DO ME! Not in that way of course.

    1. Of course it has, every friendship changes someones life. Suzi, I’ve known you from the start and while we did part ways for a while, I’m happy and proud that you are my friend.

    2. An Ewok

    3. Ooh, the genuinely cool one. You know, not the plastics or the trendies, the ones that are the best kinda folk.

    4. Wow, that’s a tough one. I remember you from playgroup, but I don’t have a specific memory of that time. There are so many but the one thats sticking out of my head now, is when you wee crying because everyone made fun of your weight. I know that’s not the earliest but hey, I remember it cos I got really upset for you co I don’t think I mad fun of you, but you branded the bullies as ‘the boys in the class’.

    5. Woah, tricky. I think we’re both chirpy people and we’ve practically grown up together. Not sure I can define this answer…

    6. Rofl. Come on, Louise already suspects us… Okay, I’ll say you’re eyes. Particularly the right one. Or your jaw as you laugh.

    7. Oh yes ideedy. You were running a Ladder shop and you wouldn’t sell me a ladder, because I was out of store credit. There have been others I think, but that’s the wierdest.

    8. Since we were three I think. May well have been younger.

    9. I hope to Ganesh we’re still friends. The whole Uni thing will be a challenge. Of course by then you’ll be pregnant while the fathers running off with the godfather. Joke; I’m sorry. I don’t think you’ll have changed to much, perhaps more anally retentive if English carries on the way it does.

    10. Apparantly Karma Police. Hmm…

  4. Sooz? says:

    ok, Gordon… here goes..

    1. Hmm, have you changed my life..? well, i guess to an extent yeah, everyone changes you in some ways.. its all good though..

    2. urm. a big happy .. hippo. like the kinder “happy hippos”. ok thats crap i’ll think of something else..

    3. uhm.. the one you gave me.. i can’t remember how you described it but its the best. :)

    4. oooh.. my first memory of you.. thats sooo hard. ok i can’t actually think.. i know i remember you in primary school coming over to our desk (cos you and david decided to be cool and not sit with the girls) and we were all admiring your drawing and then after heather was talking about how if she liked someone she would say they were “in the bin” (don’t ask why, it makes no sense.. it was probably a code or something.) and I was thinking- i’d put gordon in the bin. ha ha ha. anyway.

    5. uuuurm, thats really hard to say.. uhm, i guess because.. your a really nice guy and i was sorry to not speak to you when i didn’t? just because i guess.

    6. hmm, my favourite part of you.. well, gordon *winks*. uh, seriously, your laugh, or, your happiness, or.. your whole personality.

    7. oh my gosh, i had the wierdest dream a couple of years ago- starring you. it was all to do with me and sam (why sam i have noo idea..) being in a random market type place with big clothes racks, that was outside some building Mr Mackay was guarding (its wierd already and thats just the start.) Anyway, we found out that there was a teachers conference or something. The main point of this dream was that you then came past wearing (i think) pink clothes and carrying a small pink bag. Which you then dropped, Sam and I picked it up, investigated the contents (a tube of lipgloss and a receipt) and then gave to Mr M saying “i think Gordon just dropped this”.
    thats all i can remember, and i swear its true. I actually remember that dream. how wierd.

    8. uhrm. probably a long time. yeah, since playschool, or whatever..

    9. ooooh. five years time.. well, obviously, i’ll be pregnant several times over (i never learn do i?) and you’ll be a fantastic director/ animator/ anything/ whatever you want to be. I’ll be jealous of course, but you (in your infite generousity, now that you’re all famous and rich) will offer to pay all my kids through college and get me sterilised so any more gay men that come along can’t leave me with even more kids. you are a good friend.

    10. a song- the gordon the gopher theme tune? captain scarlet? i dunno actualy. i’m sure there will be given time.

    so there ya go, are you hapy Mr.T?

  5. Nodders says:

    Oh cheers Susy (yes I realise I’m spelling it that way) I’m so glad that when you dream of me, I’m gay. I really don’t think I’m that camp. Could you not have made something up?

  6. keir says:

    lol – dont you think that our dreams can be used to predict the future gordon ;). anyway…. never posted on this blog before…. please dont get out the ben stck if my post is to retarded, my anwsers to the quiz (on suzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – cant be arsed spelling):

    1.friendship – sont like that term, far to friendly ;), lets go for aquantance (spelt most terribly) – and yes, it has, as has everything i have ever come into contact with

    2.probally one that looked like you

    3. the SSP, oh sorry, i thought you said socialist group – curse my selective hearing – eh the group that wears very small hats

    4.cant remember (i gues that doesnt make it a memory)

    5. eh – fate

    6. your 11th freckle

    7. dont think so

    8. we used to be mates in primary (i think) – so yonks

    9. the lord moves in mysterious ways, sometimes he hovers, other times he comes in at an angle

    10. no – ill make it up – eh – london calling by the clash (first song into my head)

  7. keir says:

    i would like to apoligise on my behalf for the above post – as gordon pointed out to me – twas incredibly sour – i will leave it as a monument to the horrors of bad posting

  8. Davus says:

    yeah, i was just thinking. does being nice cause you physical pain or something?

  9. Nodders says:

    Wow, could this be the longest time that Siouxsie has gone without blogging? (Excluding the incidents where she’s had to flee the country of course…)

  10. Sooz? says:

    ha ha ha “flee the country”? what am I? A criminal?
    Yeah it has been a rather long time- but see above and relieve your fears… HURRAH!

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