Buddhism.. my re-considered opinion.

Posted: November 20, 2004 in everything else

Ok.. So I used to think Buddhism completely sucked- I don’t know why, they seemed like nice people (probably) but their religio seemed to me to be far too “nothing-y”. And I mean that literally…

Anyway, Having just spent 35 hours with the monks and nuns and lay people who live and work in Samye Ling, I have a new found respect for them. They have strong beliefs and a strong moral code and they totally don’t pressurise you in any way. Its a fantastic environment. And they teach you to meditate. Well Gungdan (I think thats how you spell it.. I really have no idea) (ask Keir.. I’m sure he’ll remember how to actually pronunciate it properly too..) taught us to meditate. It was soo cool..

Anyway. So, don’t go worrying that I’ve changed my religion (I haven’t) because in a funny way, being there amongst all the hard work and charity and love that went into building the temple and goes into runnng the place, as we were meditating, I was realising why I love being a Christian. I will definitly be meditating more often, it does wonders for your sense of well being, as well as focusing your mind.

Soooo… I totally recommend going to Samye Ling, even just for a weekend, to soak up the atmosphere, wander the gardens, appeciate the temple because it is a marvellous place- even if you don’t believe in the religion.

But- make sure you leave time to shower and have lots of warm clothes if its winter etc.. it gets cold, and we (probably) got smelly. not too badly though..

so, I now think that Buddhists rock- they have a great respect for life and although I don’t agree with all their teachings, I like their style.

  1. keir says:

    “So, don’t go worrying that I’ve changed my religion” *wipes sweat from brow* ;). anyway – i totally agree – it didnt challenge my atheism in the slightest – but was a great experience and well worth a visit by any one of any faith (or those like myself who dont have a faith). out of interest, why do you love being a christian?

  2. Davus says:

    *ducks behind cover*

  3. Sooz? says:

    Davus why are you hiding?? Come on out. I don’t bite.

    Keir, why do I love being a christian? I’m not entirely sure- the reassurance of someone watching over me all the time is good, and just a sense of general looked after ness i suppose. I don’t really know to be honest.

    Uhm.. so yeah- I agree with your comments. However- I’m wondering why it was a relief to you that I’m not changing my religion…?

  4. Davus says:

    mmm, i was more hiding for the angry rebutal that i was expecting from keir no matter what you put, but maybe i’m just being synical. anyhoo, sounds fun, i kinda regret not going now, but not too much as i was worshiping at the shrine of halo 2 at dannys instead. oh, and i was violated by gordon, and i wouldn’t have missed that for the world.

  5. Nodders says:

    Tee hee hee, I found out that Dave has a thing about his ears being touched. He felt so violated, it was funny!

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