Posted: November 22, 2004 in everything else

I’m not feeling like writing all that much. well, I am, but I can’t think of anything to say. So, I thought I’d share some of my *wonderful* poetry.

Bobbing for Apples
The path is dark,
the door creaks open and you are confronted with
bob, bob, bobbing in water.
green, red
stop, go
go for an apple
stop before you get wet
someone won,
biting into sweet flesh,
cold juice runs down her chin.
Yeah.. ok, so its not the greatest poem ever.. but I rock at doing presentations!
Hmm, I have one other poem.. but no one ever really seems to get it.
I was going to ramble on here for a while. I need a subject. I’ve opened like five windows in messenger, but no-one is really speaking to me- Adam is blatantly ignoring me, John isn’t paying attention, Jak didn’t speak after I’d asked my question (ie are you doing Secret santa?) and Chris just.. stopped talking. I feel so unloved. Also rather frantic (but ignoring it all) because I have (wow, Johns speaking) (we are back to doing our whole :) :) :) thing. we take it turn about.. its a rather odd one. And he said hes boycotting it (Ie, MSN)- so I’ll have no one to talk to…….. :( *sniff*) an assesment tomorrow and a hard passage of Artaud to read as well as an essay or two due for wednesday.. I’m soo screwed.
tarrumbdedum. oh my giddy aunt. well, I’ve now got (well, I’ll have it next week) my red cross first aid certificate. wow, I have quite alot of random medically things.. none of which have much/any relevance to my real life.. oh well.
ok, I’m off now..
night all.
  1. Nodders says:

    What the bleeding toes of Marley is going on?!! I was on MSN practically all night, yet I don’t see any of you online!! I felt so incredibly lonely! I mean dudes, were you all waiting for me to come off MSN before you had your orgy? Grr! I’m in a huff now! For the first time in, like, centuries did I have a crap day and when I get home everyones deserted me online!! Then I go and electrocute myself with my earphone!!!! What the rhubarb and custard is going on people!!!

  2. Sooz? says:

    Gordon, I’m soo sorry! I was on at about 9.30 onwards because I had to go learn how to save lives from 5.30 (when I got picked up) till 9.30 (when I got home). I was on before i went. I’m sorry I didn’t see you! I’m sorry you had a bad day- that sucks majorly. AAW I wanna give you a big hug now *hugs Gordon*.

    I should stop apologising for things I have no control over.. Oh well.

  3. Zed0 says:

    I like the poem, its kind of neat if you just read the stuff in black

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