Posted: December 26, 2004 in everything else

i apologise for the unnecessarily depressingness of that last post.. it was just not a good day.. anyway


i love my presents.. well, some of them were weird.. but thats always good!

anyway.. thanks to those who replied (gordon- thank you!!!!!)

yup.. sooo… Merry christmas and a Hapy new year!

i love you guys!

  1. Nodders says:

    Glad you’re feeling happy again! Guess what?! I got loads (and I mean LOADS) of Incredibles stuff! w00t w00t and all that jazz! Hogmanay at your place is gonna rock most mightily!!

  2. Zed0 says:

    Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

  3. keir says:

    hey – lookin forward to your new years part – oh yeah, i wasnt invited (this comment isnt as sour as it looks)

  4. Sooz? says:

    sorry keir- i didn’t invite you.. uhrm.. yeah well.
    merry new year guys!

  5. Nodders says:

    Oh, that was just harsh Souxsie. Hang your head in shame. You could have at least been honourable and pretended not to see the comment, but that was just below the belt.

    *shakes head disapprovingly*

  6. keir says:

    very well – you shant have any of my magic beans then

  7. Nodders says:

    Ooh, I ate one of them, and nect thing I knew, I was an irritatingly optimistic and annoyingly quirky camp-ish type dude who wears bracelets. Hmm, who’d have thought all that was down to Keir?

  8. Anonymous says:

    have you stopped posting?

  9. Sooz? says:

    have i stopped posting? look up.. no, i haven’t..
    when i get a chance i will probably be back to writing big ones.

    Anyway, who is this? just curious.

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