A bone of contention.

Posted: February 6, 2005 in everything else

Actually, its nothing so harsh or remonstrative as that.

Anyway, I had an interesting weekend. Work sucked, as it is apt to do. I got to sleep at 1 on saturday night and then woke up at 8. with an even worse cold that I had been expecting.

On the plus side, I got to drive Mums new car several times. That was fun. And watch Big Fish, with John, Hairy Johnny, Dave and Jen. actually, no one really watched it so much as talked through it and then questioned me as to what was happening. If Johnny starts moving closer, clo-o-oser to you, be scared. he probably fancies you. I had to hide in a plant at one point to move away. Not that I don’t like him or anything, I was just little unnerved.. Well, anyway.

So yah, I’m kinda dead.

I was informed today that I am not allowed to wear my jeans to my interview because they aren’t smart enough.. It’s a DRAMA course. It’s all about how individual and creative you are, not how well you can wear suits. But I’m getting a pair of Black jeans instead, which is a good compromise I feel. Teamed with a nice shirt, a vest top, several badges and a smart jacket. (Jackets are my downfall.. I have a total weakness for them.. I love them!! But I don’t have what I would really really like: a good suit jacket. I’ve hankered after one of them for AGES!)

So, anyway. I think thats a fair update on my life so far.

Katie comes in SIX DAYS!!!!!!

yes, that SIX (6!) days! be prepared for the utter hyperness..

  1. Nodders says:

    Oh, so your new found dave was there was he? Your own gingerlocks and the three bears not good enough eh? We have trees to hide in too!

    That sounds so wrong.

    Ah well, on another note, Woo! Katie! Can’t wait! But, um…. who’s Katie? Is that your American penpal dudette?

  2. Sooz? says:

    Uhrm, yeah Katie is my american exchange student.. not pen pal though..


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