a virtual quagmire

Posted: February 11, 2005 in everything else

really and truly.

well, anyway, so i had two choices for last night (technically i suppose i had three, but the last one meant that i was a boring fart, so, we’ll discount that right now.) the first being camping with Gordo, Davey, Chloe, Keir, Conor et al. I was all up for this, until mum stamped on my fire. or whatever. Anyway, i wasn’t allowed to go in caes i got hypothermia or something. well, it was a nice dream for a while.

My second option (and the one i ultimately went for, as the first option wasn’t really an option anymore) was to go to my “other Dave”‘s house for a partay.

so.. that conundrum occupied me for a while. In the end Daves was really good fun, we watched alladin at 1 in the morning. twas ACE! yeah, ok so im sad.

Anyway, I’m expecting full updates from my camping friends as to what happened.. who scared who, how many “ereotic” novella’s were virtually written.. all that jazz.

yup.. good times.

  1. Nodders says:

    Firstly, after you texted me that you were watching Alladin, I did reply, but out of habit, I sent it to Louise, thus waking her up at that late hour. (I’m sorry Lou!)

    Well, I’ll get down and busy writing a post about it. Maybe not tonight, its 12.40 as it is…

    Camping was better.

  2. Nodders says:

    What’s a quagmire?

  3. Mu-c says:

    I like Aladdin. Nowt wrong with that!

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