The Mardi Gras

Posted: February 22, 2005 in everything else

I thought I should do a post about this.. Its going to be pretty abstract, but hell.

Anyway, so yes, we went to the Mardi and it was fun.

So, as a social experiment:

How many guys will try to chat up/dance in a suggestive manner/make fierce eye contact with a normal looking girl (ie me). Answer?

Well, chatting up in the mardi really isn’t an option, its more hollering over the music which is no fun, so, the first one is discounted, but otherwise I had at least four guys try to dance with me.

If a shortarse asian guy (absolutely nothing against asians, ok?) with a big black leather jacket comes up behind you and starts basically grinding, what would you do?

a) dance with him, hell, it could be fun.
b) realise you’re getting stubble rash on your shoulder, tell him to f off and walk away.
c) turn round, smack him one and then walk out.

well, obviously, I was b, but how funny would it have been to smack him.. oh wow.

Anyway, so the Mardi was ace fun, I’m thinking of going again.

btw southern comfort and lemonade is soooooooooo the best drink ever!!
or apple sours. mmmmmmmmmmm.

Damn, this was going to be more interesting.

well, have you ever wondered why so many people get together at pubs and clubs just to get drunk and try to find some random to spend the night with? Its really quite sad, all these people looking for love, just won’t find it one a sticky dance floor.
mmmmmmmmm. dry crunchy nut cornflakes. I love these things, even without milk they taste damn good.

right i’m going to leave now.

  1. Nodders says:

    Well you are turning out to be quite the ned…

  2. Sooz? says:

    that hurt.

    how could you?

    and i don’t quite understand either. *sobs*

  3. Nodders says:

    Oh you love it really. How much Buckfast did you consume that night?

  4. Mu-c says:

    Buckfast is the instrument of satin! For shame.

  5. Zed0 says:

    Looking at the previous post:
    I am so jelous that you passed your driving test, I was supposed to have mine on Wednesday but they canceled it due to snow and moved it to 14th of April =/

    On the subject of this post:
    I have never been in the Mardi Gras and don’t really have any intention to do so

    oh and for anyone who is wondering why I’m not at school its because I’m dying of a sore throat/headache

  6. Sooz? says:

    yeah I was glad I got my tes when I did.

    And no, I did not drink any buckfast. The alcohol I consumed is all mentioned on that post.

  7. Nodders says:

    “Instrument of satin”? Does that make cider the tool of velvet?

  8. Sooz? says:

    heh heh heh…

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