I’m warm but shivering

Posted: March 7, 2005 in everything else

how odd is that?


Well, I discovered last week that a friend of mine from camp died suddenly. He was the same age as me and perfectly healthy. He was even a life guard and stuff, and he just collapsed on the street and died. He had a cardiac disrrythmia or something. It was very sad anyway, because he was such a nice kid. He wrote a speech on the last day of camp to tell us all how much of a great time he had had, and how accepted he had felt, because he was worried before camp that he might not make any friends. So that was very sad. And upset me.

Life goes on though I suppose.

I guess that’s all.

I don’t really have anything exciting to say, except (and again this is a bit depressing) I haven’t been to see Nicky’s gravestone yet and I might sometime soon.

wow, this was a depressing post. well, good night.


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