Posted: March 20, 2005 in everything else

What a load of prentious twaddle.

Sorry, but I realised on friday that although the RSAMD is (apparently) the school of excellence for drama in Scotland, all they really want are people who think that “Pushing a Building” is art. For eight (yes, EIGHT!) hours. Or, that balancing on a chair, blindfolded, in a stupid suit, is anything to do with any of our stimuli, or to with anything at all.


I’m not bitter, I realised by lunchtime that I didn’t really want to go there anyway, but it would have been nice to know that i was good enough. I guess I’m not radical enough though.

Oh well. It was a fun day, and I (and some other guy caled Gordon, who’s been auditioning for like three years) spent lunch tutoring another girl, Fiona, on how to read and learn Shakespeare because she is going back to do the acting audition. And she’s never done Shakespeare. Soooo.. that should be interesting. Anyway, I’m off now. Got a report to revise…..

  1. Jonny says:

    yeh ive been speaking to some applicants and they say the actors get in over looks more than talent, QMU is the place to go for drama these days

  2. Davus says:

    rabbits rabbits rabbits!

  3. Nodders says:

    Dave… skip to the end…

  4. niki says:

    keep living x x x

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