everlasting love

Posted: April 1, 2005 in everything else

not because I’ve found it or anything.. that song is just randomly in my head.

So, its the holidays.

tara had a party (which was FUUUUUUUN!)

sara had a party (david showed us his ass four times in a row. he was a leetle drunk. just a little. he has no recollection of this. apparently.)

Roz is having a party (in a couple of weeks…)

the silly people on the profile committee lost my profile (oh, yes, lost it) so Jen and Roz wrote me a new one today. Because today is the deadline. lovely. well, anyway.

Thats been a short summary of my life.

ARGH…………………….WORK!! (school and otherwise. ) its killing me.

  1. Nodders says:

    Was it just yours or were any others lost too? I’m just asking because didn’t you only know about it because Roz found out through her contacts in the various committees…

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