falling… asleep…

Posted: September 20, 2005 in everything else

well, its after midnight, i’m exhausted and i realised i hadn’y updated this in a long time.

so i went to see el presidente tonight. thehy kinda rocked alot. flying matchstick men were awesome as suport, as were drive by argument.

all in all, a capital night.

now i have to sleep. i have induction tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Nodders says:

    Your sister was in Stirling with my bro and the drama class so I tagged along! Men Should Weep sucked by the way. Don’t see it. And oh my god! Your sister is a clone of you!! Sorry, that might be really irritating, people tell me that about my brother and it pisses me off slightly. But you do. ;)

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