Visual Arts 1

Posted: September 28, 2005 in everything else

well. I had my first class today abd it was incredible!! We made a picture and it is soo cool. I love my course. Our first class was visual Arts 1 with Glen, so we are learning about taking workshops, its all about empowerment. Which is very coool. So we worked in Oil Pastels on black sugar paper. each person got a bit of a picture and had to copy that, but they weren’t really pictures in the pictures, we were more focusing on lines and colours and shapes. Having said that though, I did end up getting a bowl of flowers. but hey, I liked drawing them and I thought it looked pretty cool by the end.

So tomorrow there is Drama 1- yay!!!!!! I’m uber excited about that. although it will also be workshops and empowering people, and not so much of the lets see how good you are at these sorts of things.

Also, for my elective i get to do digital photography and make digital presentations and stuff. I gotta go at some point and take photos of the work we did today, since Glen was telling us we should keep a record of all our stuff. Which is a cool idea, and something I’m so going to do..

So, other than that, i’ve just been generally really busy, i went back home on monday for a night, to see Macbeth (its ACE by the way!) and saw Roz, so that was cool. Been to the Union several times, never got wasted though, that just does not appeal. I saw some good gigs, Colin Murray was pretty ace, he got wasted during it though and was chain smoking too, which I didn’t appreciate. but hey. It’s his life.

Went to the CU several times too, we had a grub crawl, and a ceilidh (yay!!) where I saw some folk I haven’t seen in ages, so that was great. Went to the Navs yesterday night, its a housegroup type bible study/community group, so thats cool. the girls in my group all seem really nice, so I’m excited about that. The CU is made up of lovely people, so its been great just to find somewhere i really feel at home and which accepts me as me and doesn’t make any demands. I’ve met some cool people and made a couple of good friends, so thats really good.

I still miss all my old friends though, so you guys are welcome to come and visit me.

On that topic- Jen is coming to Glasgow this saturday- as is Roz (roz is staying over) so i’m excited for that.

Also I’m going to go to Edinburghnext weekend (8th-9th) so if people are free and want to meet up, that would be cool. I’m making Jen put me up. Roz might even be there too. She’s coming to mine tursday-saturday. :>

Anyway, I feel I have rambled long enough here, so I shall say adieu and go for tea…

Enjoy yourselves!


  1. Nodders says:

    Hey that’s cool! Did e-messenger work? I never saw you online.

    I can’t come to see you on the 8-9th because I’m going to Glasgow (ironically) to see Keir, Dave and Conor at a Socialist convention. Hmm.. No, should be good.

    Ahh, blogs. Back in use again!

  2. Davus says:

    cept mine :(

  3. Davus says:

    halleluigha, praise the lord of bad spelling.
    i’ve moved!
    new address is the same but wihtout the silly “_” that would appear to be causing all the problems.
    i now live at
    come visit!

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