ok, so its 12.04

Posted: October 6, 2005 in everything else

and i’m in from being out.
yeah, that was helpful, wasn’t it??
well, i was at an el dog gig in beanscene, cos Bob phoned me up to see if i wanted to come. Bob being one quarter (well, a half tonight) of the band. so I went, and they were good.
so, anyway, the rest of my day was good too… I had drama this morning (theme:colours) and I got to play lots of fun drama type games. then we had community studies, and boy, even this module sounds like fun. We have to go out into communities and analyse them, talk to folk and get an idea of how these communities function and knit together. so its sounding more interesting than previously it had.
the lecturer is also a total dude. He’s 64 and retired on friday. but has come back to teach us and the second years. he’s quite funny, but a bit of an oddball too.

uhm.. ok, so, that was most of my day in a nutshell for you. I dunno if i did anything really exciting other than these things (which i could go into more detail about, but will leave for right now.) today.

oh, but bob does crazy dancing too. i’ve found a soulmate :> heh heh.


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