i’m sleeping with fishes here

Posted: October 22, 2005 in everything else

in the belly of the whale

I’m a bit annoyed. I was all set (sorta) to go out tonight, like after work and all, but then i ended up coming home and feeling disconnected from my friends. why?


  1. Nodders says:

    that’s pretty un-dude. Are you getting an October holiday?

  2. Sooz? says:


    infact i get an extra monday morning class instead… yep, fun…

    c ya

  3. Lolly says:


    Hope you are ok

    You know we are all here if you ever want to talk.

    I know you have helped me.

  4. Nodders says:

    Well that sucks donkeys. Glasgow seems an evil country to live in.

    p.s. w00t and all that jazz for your mum in the paper with Cliff!

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