this started life as an email.. to whom? i don’t know.

Posted: November 21, 2005 in everything else

I’ve had a sucky weekend. david and roz were up for bens birthday, and they were staying at bens. so i was gonna go out with them after i’d been to work, but no-one told me where they were going til too late, and since i wasn’t in the mood to go to campus til 2 or 3am, i went home on my own. which was ok. the walk up was no scarier than ever before. colder but not scarier. saturday was good, to begin with. i met david and roz for coffee in beanscene (well, i stood at the tube, freezing for half an hour cos they missed their first bus) which was nice, we had a nice chat and they were thinking of staying at mine overnight. as it turned out, they didn’t, cos ben didn’t take the hint etc..anyway, i went to work, first shift was fine, but then i lost helena so i didn’t go to cafe hula for good food, i got crap food (in comparison) from sainsburies. blugh. then the second shift was madness. kristi was ill. the dress bar was shut, so upper (where i was) was mobbed. i had to cash up progs, count ice creams etc very fast, then help pour interval drinks. then i worked on the bar in the interval. its hell. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

oh yeah, and i didn’t get out til 10.45 and i had to wait til 11.30 to get my keys from roz and see them into the garage cos i didn’t have enough money to go out and then get home. so that was pants.

church this morning was really good though, it was a good sermon and i got to chat to a load of folks i knew. so that was nice. went for lunch at whistlers mother with debbie and her friend.. then to beanscene (for a location change) to get h/choc and cheesecake.. got a bus to meet gokboz and scott to go to kirkie baptist evening service. today was good. i was just tired and kept feeling like i was missing out on something.

yesterday when i got home after work (at after 12) i came in to find that everyone had been to chaiovna and i was quite jealous. i really want to go and it was stupid and irrational but i wanted to tell people about it cos my friend mike told me. but i haven’t even been. i just kinda felt like a total reject.


I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much or any sense, but i started writing an email, dunno who woulda recieved it, but anyway, its all been inflicted on you. there was no censure this time, so this might be more honest than several other posts…

oh yeah and when i was speaking to jim, he was like, “we were taslking about your tablet last night”. (i gave calum tablet last week cos i was home and mum had made it so i bought lots from our little fairtrade market… also we talk about food quite a lot and i had said i’d bring calum some tablet.) so apparently the el dog boys talk about my antics during the week when they meet up. alan has an image (totally out of proportion,i’m sure!) of me doing a birthday dance for calum… i don’t know if i should be worried that they talk about me or take it as a compliment… oh well.

so this post was in response to gordos plea for a post. i hope it comes up to scratch and i am sorry for not posting regularly… i’ll get better i promise.

  1. Lolly says:


    Poor suzibean..

    I hope you are alright. I know how you feel.
    You know you can always rant away about everything to us :)

    It’ll be ok


  2. Nodders says:

    You poor dear, doesn’t sound like you’re getting it easy. By the sounds of things, you weren’t alone with getting hurt in some way by Ben’s antics.

    As for people talking about you, always think of it as a good thing. Surely it means that you have a heavy enough influence on their lives that you enter their conciousness even when they aren’t there. And unless they start sneering at you or hissing as you pass, I’m pretty sure it should be taken as a compliment. (also, if a guy has a mental picture of a girl dancing, its almost universally a good thing – get in there Suzi! hee hee)

    Its good to hear from you again =)

  3. Sooz? says:

    cheers guys, thanks for the comments. I’m sorry i’m getting so bad at updating this thing..

    in other news i’m going to falkirk for the afternoon on sunday! yay!

    and, gordo, i’m not sure if it is a good thing alan has a crazy image of me dancing.. it will be so ott, but whatever. anyway…

    speak to you all soon… xx

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