It’s all understood

Posted: January 17, 2006 in everything else

i guess thats what I feel like actually, that it is all understood and i don’t have to worry about it, or people, because i know where i stand and thats cool with me.

I’ve finally handed in all my assignments for semester 1 and i’ve mostly done my other homework. which is good and means i can relax. so I am for the next week.

I went to a Herman Dune gig last thursday, it was really good fun actually, I went with Emily and a couple of her Edinburgh friends. So that was nice. If the dog’s had been playing as they were supposed to have been, I woulda seen them. Instead, Tara met them on friday night and had (what calum later described as) a “Riveting conversation.” Actually, she said, in true Tara fashion, oh, so you know Suzi? (I’d just texted her to that effect.) They were bewildered but agreed and that, as far as our lovely Tara was concerned, was that. No more conversation neccessary, see ya later guys. Calum was rather amused as he told me that story on Monday. Although was actually more interested in the fact he’d cut his pinky open on his drums.

Anyway, so I had a really nice Christmas, was at home for it, but not for the run up, and then did a lot of too-ing and fro-ing from Newport to Glasgow in and before the New Year. However it was fun and I got to see a couple of friends- Bob the first saturday and Nomy the first sunday. Nomy and I went to lunch after church and ended up in Beanscene from 4 til 11. It was a mammoth catch up session. but very enjoyable. Bob and I also had an enjoyable time wandering around the city centre, acting like small children (my speciality…) and generally having a laugh.

So I’m once again home for a while, it was Meggies birthday today and she had her first driving lesson. She seems to be enjoying it, so thats all good.

Back to Glasgow on thursday, where I have been told I MUST watch Dodgeball…. so that’ll be interesting. Class starts on Monday.
I guess thats me for now.

  1. Nodders says:

    Working backwards – Dodgeball is massively over-rated, well not as a comdy, but in a decent film. If you want a fantastic Vince Vaughn film, look out ‘Swingers’ it is the greatest post-tarantino buddy comedy drama at the moment, a lot of heart that the film doesn’t really get credit for.

    Meggie’s driving?! But she will always be a little girl to me, in fact – Suzi’s driving?!

    To stay in Beanscene that long is a feat of supreme stamina – I would have melted to the leather chairs long before! Christmas WAS good this year in most cases, which is suprising really because we’re at a point wear the excitement has worn off and a lot of us have been exhausted by the commercialism, but there was something about this year…

    Tara really is a legendary figure – nobody on this Earth can match her introspective passiveness with such stonking kindness and politeness and no ounce of rudeness (uninended or otherwise) as her. Yes, I said stonking.

    Finishing semester 1 – its a good feeling.

    Although I’m not too certain if I’m interpreting you right, I would say that to feel that contented about relationships with all us creatures around us, tis also a very nice warm feeling.

    Speak later twink =)

  2. Lolly says:


    glad to here you are ahving fun and the assignments are all finished :) Now relax!

    Yeah 4-11 – that’s impressive! Woah!! :D

    Also, I think dodgeball is a good film but then again thats me. And Gordons a film critic ;)

  3. Sooz? says:

    well, dodgeball may be massively overrated, but my friends reckon its the best bloke-flick so far. they just wanna sit watching it in boxers and t-shirts with tins of beer. so it should be an interesting experience..

    i think you were interpreting my first comment right, i was just musing on the fact that at the moment i’m very happy with the stage that various relationships are at, they’re all comfortable, like anice pair of shoes. some are mismatched (but, you all know me, that suits me so much better) but they are all a good fit. so its nice.

    aslso i introduced my uni friends to bob tonight. that was fun. we ended up discussing pee and boogers. it was a good night, honestly.

    ho hum, right i should go to sleep.

    night all.

    (ps, lou, thanks for the comment. love you both)

  4. Nodders says:

    Um… I thought Bob was a Uni friend… I’m confused, is Bob a home pal?

  5. Sooz? says:

    to be technical, Bob is a Glasgow friend, in that he lives in glasgow and doesn’t go to my Uni. Calum works in my uni though.

    also, i’m almost finished making you a mix cd Gordo! :>

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